AstroChicks called it, the sweet and sensitive pilot, Jake Pavelka is the new Bachelor. Does ABC do all their casting in Dallas? Voted AstroChicks favorite Bachelor, is he set to break a few hearts, or will his heart be broken?

When Jillian Harris was asked to respond to the news, she said: “Jake has a huge heart and he’s very sensitive,” Harris says. “He isn’t afraid to show his emotions. The world will see how far he is willing to go to find the right person.”

People mag reports, according to Pavelka’s parents, Jim and Sallie, the woman who lands their son’s heart will have to have a taste for adventure. “He likes a girl that is spontaneous,” mom Sallie says. “The way he put it to me, he would like a girl that can work in the yard and then put on a pretty dress and go out to dinner.”

As for possible date suggestions, “He likes scuba diving and snow skiing,” dad Jim says. Adds Jake, “I fly on the weekends, play golf, go to a movie, but I’m not a couch potato. That’s the one thing I have to make these girls understand — I have a lot of energy. I love salsa dancing. Country dancing on a Thursday night in Dallas is really fun, too. I enjoy working with my hands, creating or building something, landscaping and doing garden work. Even if [a woman] didn’t enjoy doing the things that I do, I would want her to be a part of them because I love them so much.”

And Pavelka says he’s eager to reciprocate.

“I want to do things with her that make her happy. That’s something I’ll definitely offer her,” he says. I really want to find somebody. I have a really good life now, but I would love to share it with someone.”

Will we finally have our new Trista and Ryan?

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