Unbelievable! Michael Vick just scored his own reality tv show on BET. It’s going to follow his “comeback” career on the Philadelphia Eagles and his difficult childhood growing up. Also, it will touch base on his infamous dog fighting conviction and how he has turned his life around. Blah, blah…

MSNBC Reports:

What do you get when you add an arrest for running a dogfighting ring to a recently completed 18-month prison term? If you’re infamous quarterback Michael Vick, you get a deal for an eight-part television series on BET.

The tentatively titled “Michael Vick Project,” a “docu-series,” not a reality show per se, will spotlight his comeback with the Philadelphia Eagles and also delve into his back story, from his difficult childhood to his 2007 arrest for running a dog-fighting ring, according to the L.A. Times.

Michael Vick, born under the sign of Cancer, is a classic Mama’s boy. Very emotional, moody, family and friends mean everything to him. I wonder if anyone will watch the show?

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Jacy Nova

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