In a new Billboard interview, Bret Michaels reveals a new Behind the Music interview will air on October 1st.  He gives viewers an inside glimpse to his rock and roll lifestyle. Also, he admits there is ANOTHER Rock of Love show to air next year. What happen to Taya? Geez, are you serious?

What I am looking forward to is his new book, Roses & Thorns, which has been pushed to next year for a release. Bret says it will be on bookshelves by May 2010. Can’t wait.

Billboard reports:

Michaels is also delving into his past with a VH1 “Behind the Music” episode that premieres Oct. 1. “The interview we did was great, but I’ve got no control over how they edit it or anything,” says Michaels, who’s previously been profiled by A&E and E!. “(VH1) has a lot of stuff from me over the years. I think they’re gonna do a damn fine job.”

The singer’s plate is full for the foreseeable future. Michaels is putting Poison aside through 2010 to focus on his own endeavors, which he says will include a couple of new TV shows that he can’t yet talk about — although he acknowledges that “the next chapter of ‘Rock of Love’ is coming and…moves a little differently” than its predecessors. The other program, he notes, “is gonna be really risky for me to do and show another side of me…for a really good cause. It’s gonna be exciting.” Michaels is hoping both projects premiere in the spring.

I wonder if this man really wants to find love? Or he’s riding the money train all the way to the bank.

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