According to US Weekly, Deanna Pappas wishes the best for Bachelorette star Jillian Harris, who has moved to Chicago to live with philandering fiance Ed Swiderski.

“I do hope it works out for them; the odds are against them,” she told at the Madison & Mulholland charity suite in West Hollywood over the weekend.

“Supposedly Jillan and Ed are head over heels in love. I haven’t hung out with them, but we have mutual friends, and they say they are just crazy about each other,” she added. “It seems to be working so far.”

Us Weekly first reported that Swiderski, 30, slept with girlfriend Lindsey Johnson a week after proposing to Harris, 29, and tried to bed another woman, Bethany Steffen, a few days later.

Pappas probably wasn’t surprised by the report. She told Us, “I wasn’t an Ed fan while [Jillian] was filming the show.”

I wonder what Jillian thinks about that? Unfortunately, AstroChicks has to agree with Deanna.  It definitely will be an uphill battle.

On the plus side, they are based in Chicago and far away from Tinseltown where couples can get distracted. They definitely DO look in love. Plus, I think Jillian is a little bit more grounded than maybe Deanna was with Jesse. Just sayin…

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Jacy Nova

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