Courtney Love, the drama mama never fails to entertain. She’s beginning to look like a young Joan Rivers these days. All that plastic surgery, she’s ready for her cameo in the new movie, the Surrogates. Anyhoo, it looks like she wigged out at a recent party because some dude walked in on our Cancer girl while she was going potty.

According to Perez Hilton, the dude, Sebastian Karnaby, was trying to find his way out of the party, but instead happened upon the nut-job on the toilet with her skirt down to her ankles. He slammed the door and tried to make a break for it, but he was unsuccessful, saying:

“She stormed out screaming, ‘I am going to get you thrown out!’ She jumped on me, went crazy and dragged me over to security by the arm and claimed that I’d attacked her. They were trying to calm her down, but she was out of control. She was like a possessed woman.” I guess Courtney needed some attention.

In other news, London & Co. filed a lawsuit against Love on July 22, 2008, claiming she sold Nirvana’s publishing catalog without paying a share of the profits. The catalog was sold for $19.5 million and, according to an oral contract with Love, she had to share the 5% of her company The End of Music’s earnings. London & Co. is seeking $975,000, which would have been its share of the sale. An oral contract? WTF???

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Jacy Nova

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