Did Raymond Clark kill Annie Le? Was it professional jealousy or did she reject his sexual advances? The shocking death of Annie Le has riveted the country.

This lovely girl, disappeared just a few days before her wedding. Sadly, she was found murdered and stuffed in the wall of the lab she works in. Obviously, someone she knew killed her but why?

Today, police issued a warrant to search the apartment of Raymond Clark , a lab technician who worked with her, and took him in for questioning. He agreed to provide hair and saliva to be compared to the DNA collected at the lab.

Newsday Reports:

Tuesday night, police cars surrounded the complex and Clark was escorted out by police, who executed a search warrant there in connection with the death of Yale graduate student Annie Le, 24. Clark, a lab technician at the Yale Animal Resources Center where Le worked, has not been charged.

At Clark’s previous residence at a New Haven apartment where he and Hromadka lived until spring, downstairs neighbor Annmarie Goodwin had nothing but bad things to say about Clark.

She said Clark was “very controlling” of his girlfriend, and that he once screamed at her 17-year-old son and unleashed a curse-laden tirade at him.

But a player in the same New Haven softball league that Clark plays in said he thought Clark was being unfairly singled out. “He’s a good kid,” said J.T. Thomas of East Haven, who plays on a different softball team and whose wife is very friendly with Clark’s sister. “I don’t think he could have done this at all. I think they don’t have any other leads.”

The truth of the matter is, you never really know what someone is capable of. Thoughts and prayers go out to Annie Le’s family and fiance. Very sad!!!

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