I feel sorry for Jasmine Fiore’s and Ryan Jenkins parents. It must be horrible to find out your daughter was murdered and just as horrible to find out that your son did it. Sad, sad, sad.

I guess denial is the only way to deal with such a tragedy. Ryan’s father, Dan Jenkins has released a statement in regards to his son’s death.

Dan Jenkin’s statement:

In the spring of this year, Ryan traveled to L.A. and spent five weeks filming a reality TV show entitled Megan Wants a Millionaire. After the show was finished filming, he went with a friend to Las Vegas. While there he met Jasmine and three days later married her in a Las Vegas wedding. Our family was shocked, but it was done. I never got a chance to meet Jasmine. They flew to Calgary while I was away on a business trip. Before I got back they had left to go to Jasmine’s grandmother’s funeral that had died unexpectedly.

It was a passionate and tumultuous relationship. Shortly after they were married, they were attending a pool party at a Vegas hotel when Ryan turned around and saw Jasmine kissing a stranger. He grabbed her hand and tried to leave. They argued, he pushed her away and she fell in the pool. He spent two horrific days in jail — for pushing someone in a swimming pool!! Sometime later he would say to me, “Dad — I cannot spend another day in jail for questioning — not one more day — I would rather die” — a foretelling of the tragic events to unfold months later.

The production company wanted Ryan to appear on another show that was to film in Mexico. He left for about six weeks and finally got back around the end of July or early August. In an e-mail to his sister he told her how in love with Jasmine he was and that they were very happy.

Monday, Aug. 17, I was on a holiday when Ryan called to tell me he was driving home to Canada. He sadly recounted that Jasmine had left him again. He said they had returned from San Diego early Friday evening, she had gone out saying she needed to run an errand and had not come back. By late Saturday afternoon he went to the LAPD and reported her missing.

Dan Jenkins goes on to blame the victim, what he fails to discuss is his son’s prior conviction for domestic abuse. A very sad situation for everyone involved. Regardless of what Jasmine did or did not do. She did not deserve to die such a tragic death. Ryan had a choice and he could have walked away anytime. He choose to take her life and his life in the end. No winners here…just a sad ending to a very volatile relationship.

Written by

Jacy Nova

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