In Hollyweird, truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. I guess besides soft porn peddler and tax dodger, Joe Francis an Aries,  can add woman beater to his list. What a pig.

Fox News Reports:

A fight between “Girls Gone Wild” creator Joe Francis and “The Hills” star Brody Jenner ended with Jenner getting tased, the reality star told

Jenner claims he and his girlfriend Jayde Nicole were celebrating his 26th birthday when Nicole witnessed Francis harassing her friend. Nicole says she threw a drink on Francis, who then allegedly threw her to the ground, pulled her hair, punched her in the face and kicked her in the chest and ribs. Security then broke up the fight, but not before Jenner and Francis began yelling at each other.

Later, when both were kicked out of the club, Jenner said he punched Joe in the face and then an unknown person tased him. Francis then fled the scene, TMZ reported.

Cops did arrive at the scene, but no arrests were made. Nicole told TMZ she plans to press charges against Francis. According to a report from, the Los Angeles County Sheriff was looking for Francis Friday morning. Francis is scheduled to stand trial in October for tax evasion charges.

He beat up a girl and tasered Brody? Somebody needs to throw Joe’s  ass in jail. What a waste of space this guy is.

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Jacy Nova

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