What an amazing story. Today, a 29 year old woman walked into a California police station stating she was Jaycee Lee Dugard, a girl who was abducted when she was 11 years old. The young woman was abducted from a school bus stop in Lake Tahoe in 1991.

Police stated:

“Her family has been contacted and they are in the process of arranging” a meeting, said Lovell, who was a detective assigned to help investigate the kidnapping in 1991. “We are very confident at this point in time that it is her.”

Dugard’s stepfather, Carl Probyn, told KTVU that the girl’s mother Terry Probyn got the stunning phone call about the situation at work Wednesday from federal agents.

“She got a call from the FBI, they said they had found Jaycee and she was alive,” he said in a phone interview from the couple’s Riverside County, Calif., home. “They put her (the woman) on the phone. My wife talked with her and is convinced she is Jaycee. Jaycee remembers everything.”

Terry Probyn then phoned Carl, her former husband, according to KTVU. “My wife called me about 4 and asked me if I was sitting down,” said Probyn, whose marriage broke up in the wake of the abduction. “(She said), ‘They found Jaycee They found her alive.'” On the morning of June 10, 1991, then 11-year-old Jaycee left her family’s South Lake Tahoe house to catch her school bus, dressed in a pink shirt and pink pants.

A happy ending to a very tragic story.

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Jacy Nova

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