The Ryan Jenkins and Jasmine Fiore, tragic murder/suicide love story, continues to have its twist and turns. Police are desperately looking for Jasmine’s Mercedes and believe it to have crucial evidence related to her death.

Another puzzle, who was the mystery blond women who helped Ryan Jenkins check into the suicide motel? Today, the CBC has revealed it was his half sister, Alena Jenkins.

CBS Reports:

The Canadian Broadcast Channel (CBC) said police sources have identified the woman who helped reality contestant Ryan Jenkins check into a motel while police were pursuing him for the murder of his bikini model ex-wife Jasmine Fiore.

That woman, says the CBC, is Jenkins’ half-sister Alena Jenkins.

CTV, another Canadian broadcaster, reported late Tuesday evening that Mounties have been in contact with Ryan Jenkins’ younger half-sister, who lives in Vancouver.

The report said they have asked Alena Jenkins what she knows about how Ryan Jenkins ended up getting from Point Roberts, Wash., to the Hope motel more than 60 miles (100 kilometres) away.

A person answering the phone at a residence believed to be Alena Jenkins’ told the Canadian Press that she was with her family and had not been home all day.

It’s a very sad story for both families. I don’t blame Alena trying to help her brother. His family believed he was innocent, although all the evidence points to Ryan Jenkins. Police have not decided whether or not they will arrest Alena Jenkins for obstructing justice. They are reportedly questioning her about her brothers death. Sad.

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