Sometimes I don’t understand police, they must have some serious time to waste on their hands in Beverly Hills. Last night, Fall Out Boy, Peter Stump was arrested. Why? Was it something exciting? DUI, solicitation, maybe jay walking? No, of course not.

TMZ Reports:

The lead singer of the group Fall Out Boy was arrested last night in Hollywood. TMZ has confirmed cops busted Patrick Stump around midnight on a traffic warrant for driving without a license out of Beverly Hills court.  Nothing screams rock ‘n’ roll like being wanted in Bev Hills. Stump is currently being held at the West Hollywood Sheriff’s station on $15,000 bail. UPDATE: Stump was released on bail around 4:30am.

What the hell? Some cop must have done this for bragging rights. Seriously, why don’t you cruise by Britney’s house and pick her up also.

Side note, why does Peter Stump pluck his eyebrows? He looks like a drag queen.

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Jacy Nova

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