In Calgary, Jenkins’ former fiancee Paulina Chmielecka said she was engaged to him for 2 1/2 years and never saw a violent side.

“The guy was a great guy, as far as I knew he was very happy,” she told the Canadian TV network CTV. “In our relationship, we had our fights — everyone does — but I would never say, ‘Well, he could have murdered someone.’ There’s no way.”

In researching his ex girlfriend, it appears that Paula worked for Ryan Jenkins at Sky Homes Calgary. Her photo was pulled from the now defunct website Sky Homes Calgary. Obviously, she wasn’t aware of his 16 months probation for abusing an ex girlfriend. Also, she’s not saying why they broke up.

What pushes a man over the edge to kill his girlfriend? Was it drugs, jealous, or did fame go to his head? National Enquirer and Star Magazine are expected to have some exclusive stories this week.  Sad story.

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Jacy Nova

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