An elderly couple, was killed by a wild pack of dogs in Georgia last week. One of the victims, Sherry Schweder was worried about a group of mixed-breed dogs she saw wandering near her home, a pack that police say mauled her and her husband to death along a rural road in northeast Georgia.

Sherry, the 65-year-old animal lover,  was taking an evening walk and was attacked by the rabid dogs, police believe. Her husband, Lothar Schweder, a retired professor, went looking for and was killed by the dogs as well.

A shredded piece of shirt, some strands of hair and bloodstained dirt were all that remained Tuesday where the couple was killed. Paramedics who came to the grisly scene Saturday morning found the suspected attackers standing guard. While it’s unclear exactly what happened because there were no witnesses, officials have rounded up 16 dogs they believe were involved.

Schweder had told one of her sons that no one seemed to be caring for the dogs, said Jim Fullington, special agent for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Experts say the attack is extremely rare — so rare “you are more likely to be killed by a bolt of lightning than by a dog,” said Adam Goldfarb, a spokesman for the Humane Society of the United States.

Very sad news, thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

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