A Reid Rosenthal update, according to Mike Fleiss, our Philly boy has made it to the final three. Will he get the final reid-rosenthal-2rose to be the next Bachelor, or will he get rejected again?

Originally, I thought for sure Jake would be the next Bachelor. I have changed my mind, I think it will be Reid now.  At least I hope it’s Reid, he’s absolutely dreamy.

Examiner Reports:

This season of the Bachelorette ended with a bang. Literally, Ed seems to be banging everyone: His fiancé, his ex-girlfriend and another chick too. (And we were worried his penis didn’t work? Silly us.) While Ed and Jill weather the latest storm of infidelity accusations coming left and right at good ‘ol Eddie, the Bachelor franchise has moved on to casting the next season of the Bachelor.

Jake, Reid and Kiptyn were all fan favorites on this season of the Bachelorette and they all had one thing in common – Jilly dumped them, which means they are footloose and fancy-free…single and possibly available to star in the next season of the Bachelor.

Bachelor Producer, Mike Fleiss, recently confirmed to Entertainment Tonight, “When the new season of The Bachelor premieres, look for Reid Rosenthal, Kiptyn Locke or Jake Pavelka to be handing out the red roses.”

Word is Reid’s mama would LOVE him to be the next Bachelor. What do you think girls?

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Jacy Nova

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