Congrats to our Virgo girl, Jennifer Hudson, who welcomed a baby boy into the world today. The sweet Leo boy, David Daniel Otunga Jr., weighed in at seven pounds, fourteen ounces.

Jennifer still hasn’t tied the knot with fiance David Otunga, just yet. I’m sure now that she’s had the baby, the happy couple will be cruising down the aisle soon.

Showbiz 411 Reports:

Hudson’s pregnancy has been an unusual one for a star. For one thing, she never announced it. She simply turned up “showing” at a concert last winter and let the fans speculate for themselves.

Part of this was privacy, some of it was superstition, but most of it had to do with the terrible tragedy she and her family underwent last October. The murders of her mother, brother and nephew were beyond comprehension. But Jennifer, who is basically a positive person, turned lemons into lemonade. She and fiancee Otunga conceived a child soon after the episode.

I bet the baby is gorgeous. Congrats to Jennifer and David, it must be nice to have some happiness in her life after last years tragedy.

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Jacy Nova

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