Wow, Jillian must be having a crappy week. First, the US article and now this. How are these two going to make it? I don’t know about you girls, but I HATE guys who have a wandering eye when you’re out together.  I imagine Jillian is not loving it either. Who wants to watch their guy 24/7???

Radar Online Reports:

“They just showed up,” a source told The couple was clearly putting on a united front: “They had their arms together. She looked like she was really in love with him.” Swiderski’s affections were a little more suspect and his casual glances at other females did not seem as innocent given the current allegations against him by two ex-girlfriends.

Harris recently joined Swiderski in Las Vegas. He has been in Nevada all week for work. Lucky for the couple, the restaurant’s kitchen stays open until 1 a.m. on Fridays.

“They drank wine while deciding what to have,” the source added. “They looked comfortable with each other. She’s beautiful in person, even better than what you see on TV.”

Harris admitted to crying on the phone with her father Thursday morning regarding the stories of Swiderski’s possible cheating ways. Talking to The Province newspaper, she maintained the couple was brushing off the controversy and moving forward with their wedding plans and her relocation to Chicago.

Will Jillian kick Ed to the curb? Or will Ed kick her to the curb? Also, what’s up with Ed’s job at Microsoft? How can they take this guy seriously when he’s plastered all over magazine covers? This is definitely going to be interesting to watch unfold. I hope these two made some serious cash from all of this. Otherwise, it’s definitely not worth it.

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