They say love is blind and I think dear Jillian may need a serious pair of glasses. Poor girl, defending her man, just like she defended Wes. Maybe she has a bad case of the bad boy syndrome.

In a new article, she defends Ed, saying she “knows” all about the two girls and their communication. That she’s really okay with all of it and in fact she uses his computer. Really?

NY Daily News Reports:

The reports that claim Harris feels “betrayed” and that her relationship with Swiderski is “destroyed” couldn’t be further from the truth, she fired back.

“I am not destroyed!” Harris tells People magazine. “There’s a little bit of anxiety that comes with this news, but I am absolutely not destroyed.”

Harris not only trusts her fiancé, but she adds she’s really only concerned with what has happened after their engagement took place.

“After we got engaged he has been so open with me. He’s told me all of this, every little text message and every little phone call. I use his computer,” Harris says. “I know that any communication he had with the girls post-show was platonic. I’m not worried about it.”

And while Harris says she understands what it’s like to fall in love with someone who doesn’t love you back, she knows that Swiderski has been “exclusive” since their engagement and that he’s “done nothing wrong.” Besides, Harris says it would be hypocritical if she wanted complete monogamy prior to the engagement.

After all, she was dating several men until just a few weeks ago on the show. “I was falling in love with two other guys two days before we got engaged,” Harris says. “If he had feelings for these two other girls while he was on the show, that’s normal.”

I understand her logic to a point, but she wasn’t doing it behind anyones back. Ed on the other hand was stringing a couple of girls along. Maybe he loves the limelight too much. Or that $750k offer to get married on TV might seal the deal. Will they really make it to the altar??? Or will Jillian do a Jason and pick Reid instead? I don’t know, they sure look damn happy together…but of course so did Deanna and Jesse.

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Jacy Nova

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