When Daisy of Love first aired, I wasn’t sure if I liked the show or not. Now that I have watched the whole season, I actually love it.  Daisy is lovable in a fun and skanky sort of way.  I even find Twelve Pack – Dave quite endearing. I guess I’m just a reality show love junkie.

Buddy TV Reports:

On the season finale of Daisy of Love, the last three guys will be heading out of the mansion and flying to the beautiful island of Hawaii.  Tonight we find out just who among London, 12 Pack and Flex will be Daisy de la Hoya’s one and only.

The final three are going to Maui to spend some quality time with the girl of their dreams, but things will already get too emotional before they even land.  Daisy has to narrow down her choices to just two.  Tears break out and relationships break up, as it gets all dramatic (or melodramatic) when one contestant has to say goodbye while on the airstrip.

Who does she kick to the curb? I’m hoping she picks Dave. If not, he definitely deserves his own show, just like the Entertainer of Love. Maybe he will make a guest appearance on the entertainer.

In a recent poll, fans are evenly split between London and Twelve Pack. London seems like the logical choice because he’s a rockstar, although Dave is probably much better for her. As the psychic told them, she would break his heart…Stay tuned..

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Jacy Nova

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