After the MTA show, I had to do a little investigating on what the REAL definition of “Man Code” is. Yes, David, the trucker from Ohio, seems like a bit of a chauvinist. At the same time, I feel like he threw himself under the bus and gave Chris Harrison the keys.

Yes girls, we do like it when a man compliments how we look. I just think think David was a bit crass and put Jillian off. On the same note, Jillian is kinda inappropriate herself. Miss Grabby , talking about how hot her guys are, and her porno pepperoni eating clip.

Believe or not, there are tons of guys who believe in a Man Code. They may not admit to it on TV but ask a few dudes and see what they have to say. There is definitely a Man Code that guys live by and it varies based on where you’re from. Here are a few of my favorites that AstroChicks heard.

Man Code Ten Commandments

1. Thou shall not throw your buddy under the bus if he is cheating on his girl.

2. Thou shall not date a buddies girl, ex girlfriend, or hit on his girl.

3. Thou shall not reveal your buddies secrets to any other woman.

4. Thou shall not wear a thong or speedo at any time.

5. Thou shall not show any emotion or cry in front of other dudes.

6. Thou shall defend your bro’s honor at all times, whether he is wrong or right.

7. Thou shall not compliment a guy’s six pack, unless you’re talking about his beverage of choice.

8. Thou shall not torpedo single friends and must assume Wingman duties whenever possible.

9. Thou shall allow your buddy to borrow anything you own except your wife, girlfriend, or sister.

10. Thou shall not apply to be cast on the Bachelorette or admit you actually watch the show.

If you’re not SICK of Wes yet, Reality Steve’s love affair with country crooner continues. According to his blog, he will have another 90 minute yawnfest with Wes Hayden.  I sure hope Wes is going to start wearing one of his t-shirts for all this free publicity.

Personally, I’m curious to know who the next Bachelor is. Jake or Reid? Or will they finally pick a new guy and quit picking guys who all know each other. It’s beginning to look like a big frat party. Only one more week and we will find out.

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