In a new interview, Jillian Harris hints out who she might have chosen as her “happily ever after.” Some fans believe it’s Ed and some believe Reid comes back to save Jillian from having a lousy sex life. I don’t think anyone seriously believes she will pick Kiptyn. Seriously, would you want your kid to have those ears?

Depending on who Jillian chooses, she could be living in San Diego, Chicago, or Philadelphia. For her career, San Diego might be the better choice if she decides to go Hollywood. If she wants to focus on her designer career, she might want to hook up with Reid in the beautiful city of Philadelphia. Not only is it a hip and cool city, it’s only 90 minutes by train to New York City.

On Monday night, the Men Tell All episode, we will once again get to hear what Jake has to say. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see Wes, Reid, Ed, or Kiptyn.  On a side note, Wes sure is milking his 15 minutes of fame, he had a nice spread in one of the gossip rags. Yes, Wes is crying all the way to his next show.

Check out Jillian’s interview below.

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Jacy Nova

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