Now that we are down to the final two, who will Jillian pick? Ed made a smooth move by flying his parents out to meet Jillian, that would definitely guarantee you’re going to make it to the final two. Jillian is a cute girl, will she end up not choosing anyone?

Poor Ed, how embarrassing on national TV you’re unable to do the deed. Is it because he has a girlfriend? Is it because he doesn’t find Jillian attractive? Or is it because he has “intimacy issues?” Or is it just simple and he was nervous. Wow, who knows? I guess you would have to be in the room. No physical connection, no marriage proposal honey. Plus, I get the feeling he is hiding some deep dark secret from her.

Chicago Times Reports:

Chicago’s Ed Swiderski is one of the last two men standing on “The Bachelorette,” but there have been “bumps in the road,” as he puts it, to everlasting bliss with Jillian Harris.

Last night’s episode was nothing short of a gaping pothole. After Ed salvaged his job at Microsoft and worked his way back onto the show, he made up for lost time by flying his parents in to meet Jillian in Hawaii. It would be hard not to love them; “What the hell are we doing here?” asked his father, a rare voice of reason.

“I swear that I would get engaged if she picked me,” Ed told him. “Honestly. I just have to pull the trigger.” Afterward, Ed and Jillian retired to the “fantasy suite” to have “some intimate, cozy, sexy time,” said Jillian. The lights went out . . . and then the lights went back on again. That doesn’t usually happen.

It’s hard to say exactly what the problem was. Ed explained, “I was very nervous, and uh, it just didn’t happen. … I couldn’t show her that I really truly am in love with her.”

What we do know is that Jillian does have VERY intimate one on one dates with the guys. Poor Reid, maybe he will come back in the end to win her heart? I hope so, he’s always been my favorite.

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