In a recent interview, Big Rig says he is still bummed by Daisy’s reaction over showing a picture of his son. I have to agree on that one, kids are precious, most girls would think it was sweet if I guy wanted to share that part of his life with you.

Buddy TV Reports:

What Daisy did was to shun Big Rig when he showed her a picture of his son.  Her reaction actually hurt him, especially since he was being so honest with her.  “Oh yeah, it was kind of a nasty thing,” he said.  “The comment she made like, “Oh, it kind of creeped me out,” had me thinking, “Well, the creepy thing is the fact that you can’t accept real life.””

While she already dumped him on Daisy of Love, Big Rig knows that being on the show made him really feel for Daisy.  “It was real and everything,” he admitted.  “She’s a cool girl.  I liked her, just the presence of her and everything.  Just a really good vibe.  When you’re feeling good things, why not express the way you feel?”

However, she’s out of the way and he won’t be holding any grudges.  “Man, I mean, I think she’s a cool ass chick,” Big Rig exclaimed.  “I wish her the best, dude.  No doubt about that.”

Things are actually looking up for Big Rig, since he’s found another girl already.  He confirmed that he’s dating Rock of Love 3’s Marcia, who he just met.  “It’s just one of those things that you see how it goes from there . Not everything’s set in stone, you know.  She is quite a handful.”

It’s good to see Big Rig is back in the dating game. So who will Daisy pick in the end? I think she should go for 12 Pack but will probably pick London.

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Jacy Nova

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