Nadya Suleman, psycho Octomom, is already having problems with her kids. What happened? One of her sons, chased his Grandma around the house with a knife. YIKES! The kids are already showing emotional problems.

National Enquirer Reports:

The 69-year-old woman told the National Enquirer: “He was out of control. He chased me with a knife and threw sharp objects at me”. But the mother of octuplets did not try and stop him – she was apparently scared of provoking him. The boy chased the pensioner through the house, and after struggling with him to take the knife away she locked herself in her bedroom for ten minutes.

Now critics are asking whether 14 children are too many for Nadya (34) to look after.

It is not the first time the son has attacked his granny. When he visited his mom and the octuplets in hospital with his siblings and grandma, he reportedly pushed her up against the wall.

She fell on the floor and hurt her arm. He also attacked his younger brother Caleb (2). Family friends are worried about the children in the chaotic Suleman household. One said: “Nadya doesn’t have a clue how to be a mother.”

It sounds like the kid has some anger management issues, or is he just crying out for attention because he has so many brothers and sisters?  Just curious, how the heck does a little kid get ahold of a knife anyway? Scary!!!

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Jacy Nova

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