MICKEY ROURKE – Hits Fashion Week in Paris, Did He Get More Plastic Surgery???

Mickey Rourke, my favorite Virgo dude, loves Paris and loves his fashion. According to New York Times,  Mickey mickeyrourke-paris2Rourke attended the Jean Paul Gaultier show. I rarely think of Mr. Rourke but I never think of him in terms of haute couture. He had on a black jacket and jeans, something. He was engulfed by photographers and cameramen as he moved to his seat in the front row.

So is he still dating his Victoria Secret girl? The chick who is over 30 years his junior? Also, in this new photo it looks like he got some lip collagen. Say it ain’t so Mickey.

What did he say about the fashion show? As the models came out in wafting mousseline gowns and velvet columns, headshots of screen legends—Mae West, Louise Brooks, Audrey Hepburn, Rita Hayworth—swam across the celestial blue backdrop. Mickey Rourke said it was a treat to see the kind of Hollywood glamour that “went out the door 30 years ago.”

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