Poor Wes, he has officially been thrown under the bus. Of course, he can always move to Chihuahua, Mexico where he is a pretty big deal, especially with the senoritas. I wonder if Wes will be hiring a new manager now?

According to Chris Harrison, our girl Jillian knew what was going on but she wanted to give him a chance. He had beens screwed over in life, blah, blah. Personally, I think it was lust that kept him there. Every girl wants to bag herself at least one rockstar or country star in their life. When you’re old and gray, all ya got is those memories.

Chris writes:

Alright, enough of the serious stuff. Let’s talk about my favorite Wes moments this week. This is a line every man should tell a woman whose heart he is trying to win: “I’m gonna be true to myself…numero uno is most important here.” I really don’t know why Jillian didn’t drop to one knee and propose to him right then and there. Probably my favorite moment was after a really awkward moment, the fantasy suite card arrives. Now obviously the day has been just a bit less than romantic so when presented with the option to spend the night with her, Wes says…wait for it… “ummm, I think we should.” Survey says…snowball’s chance in hell!

After Jillian finally dismisses Wes, he jumps in the limo and gives us one of the best exit meltdowns in the show’s history. After throwing out more tired Texas sayings like “I’s born at night but not last night” (Dr Phil even thinks Wes throws out too many corny Texas sayings), Wes actually comes up with what I believe is the start of the perfect country and western song (my apologies to Mr. David Allan Coe) “I’m in Spain…everybody’s gonna know my name.”

Yes Wes, we all know your name. Dbag, jerk, etc…. Don’t mess with the Bachelor/Bachelorette fans, the wrath of a scorned woman. Hopefully, Wes will recover from the bad publicity, or he can work the bad boy angle.

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Jacy Nova

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