This week, Nostraboris speaks out about the life of Michael Jackson.

Today I watched “Living with Michael Jackson” for the first time. Shocking indeed. If anything, a document of breech of trust. Not that between Jackson and the children he was accused of molesting, but the trust given by a naive, eccentric pop icon to a shamelessly ambitious, and two-faced TV personality by the name of Martin Bashir.

After humoring him by asking music related questions, Bashir begins gently prying into Jackson’s childhood. Careful not to upset his subject too much, he initially backs off. Later, they go shopping. When Jackson awkwardly holds his baby, Bashir smiles.

After leaving the room however, the film maker narrates the scene as follows: “Michael’s behavior was beginning to alarm me“. What caused the contrast between the on screen warmth and post production concern is unsure. Public opinion? Sudden integrity? Intoxicated by the smell of a scoop, Bashir changes tone. Eager to feed the hunger of the mob, the aspiring anchor turns on his host and attacks. Jackson is ambushed, and pressed on his plastic surgery, inferiority complex, the race of his surrogate mother, and sleep overs at his house.

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Jacy Nova

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