As the plot thickens, Wes Hayden’s “ex girlfriend,” Laurel Kagay swears she’s no longer with the country crooner. Of course, since she’s not Wes Hayden’s real girlfriend, the first thing you do is call up People magazine and give an interview.

She says:

“I was like, ‘What?’” Laurel told People in an interview today. “There was this pause before he said my name – and then he said it quite a few times.” Laurel Kagay, owner of Peach Body Boutique in Austin, would like to clear the air on this topic, which has dominated the contrived Bachelorette for weeks. She dated Wes Hayden for three years, but they are broken up, and have been for quite a while now. The two became strictly friends a year ago, she said. “I’m absolutely not with Wes, nor would I be with Wes if he were going on a show to be with another girl,” she says. “That’s absolutely crazy.”

What’s even more interesting, is that she dated Brad Womack prior to that, and another Bachelor contestant. Sounds like an ABC groupie to me, or ABC talent scouts follow Laurel around and casts anyone she’s dated. I guess they make good TV.

Wes Hayden kicks off his new tour at the House of Blues tonight in Dallas. Who will be there? Of course Jeremy Cade and some other cast members. This is starting to look more like a high school or college reunion than real TV. Come on ABC, start casting other people who DON’T know “the gang” and aren’t from Texas.

Rumor is that Ed has a girlfriend named Lindsey as well. Poor Jillian, I guess they couldn’t get any single guys to come on TV. I wonder who Laurel is dating now? I hear Jake is available. Give em a call.

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