On Monday, we will probably get to see Wes kicked to the curb. Maybe he has the bedroom malfunction? Is the Bachelor and Bachelorette the new nighttime soap series? In a new interview with People magazine, Jake said he was contacted by the Producer to ask “how he was doing.”

People Reports:

Why did you come back?
A producer called me to see if I was doing okay because I took leaving hard and I broke down. [I said,] “I need to tell her some things. Any way I could talk to her again?” I ran through it and they made it happen. I was lying in bed every morning going, “I screwed up. I should have told her before I left.” I wanted to come back because I had information she needed to make the best decisions about the remaining guys and to be there for her. Now I sleep easy at night.

PEOPLE spoke to Laurel and she denied being together during taping. Do you stand by what you claimed, that Wes said he had a girlfriend?
I don’t believe it. I know it. Without a shadow of a doubt, he and Laurel were together. They’re still together. It’s an act and Laurel was in cahoots with him. They had an agreement to put their relationship on the back-burner so he could go on and sell CDs. His biggest fear was making it far enough to go on overnight dates because that wasn’t okay with Laurel. Evidently she cleared [him] to kiss. I’m a God-fearing man and if I am mistaken or he didn’t tell me that, God can strike me down with lightning right now.

Are you there?
Yeah. Still here! We had multiple conversations. He confided with me. He told me he loved [Laurel]. He said, “I’m going to break her heart. I’m going to bow out when the time is right.” This stuff came out of his mouth.

Do you think it’s possible that he is developing feelings for her as the weeks go on?
No. I think Wes’s motivation is to move CDs. Wes had her snowed. The girl loves country music and the man makes it so I can see how intriguing that would be.

Did you get along with Wes?
I don’t think he’s a bad guy. I don’t hate him. I’m hopeful at some point we can be friends. He’s probably having a hard time right now, but it’s hard to be sympathetic because he lied to my face and Jillian’s.

If you read the rest of the interview, it sounds like they may be grooming Jake to become the next Bachelor. Who will poor Jillian pick in the end? Who knew that reality stars could be such great actors?

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