I guess you have to file this under, “What Was He Thinking”? I can never understand wealthy and powerful guys who only think with their d**cks. Anyway, in the latest saga of the Governor of South Carolina, it’s reported that his insiders are questioning his mental stability. Really? He just seems like another guy that thinks that he can cheat on his wife, while in office, and get away with it.

The State:

As the saga of Sanford and his Argentine lover continues, the public, the governor’s political rivals and some allies are speculating about the governor’s mental stability and whether he’s able to lead the state.

While mental health experts are reluctant to pin a diagnosis on the governor, their observations of his behavior suggest a chemical imbalance, narcissism and impulsive behavior. Sanford has not sought professional mental health treatment, said Joel Sawyer, the governor’s spokesman. But some fellow politicians are saying the governor needs help.

“That’s a troubled man,” said Sen. Harvey Peeler, R-Cherokee, a longtime Sanford ally who this year became frustrated at Sanford’s refusal to take federal stimulus money. “You can see it in his eyes and his body language. I’m concerned about his mental well-being.”

State Sen. John Land, D-Clarendon, said he thinks Sanfords’ issues go deeper. He described Sanford as narcissistic.

“He seems to revel in and enjoy these intimate details as if his love affair was the most perfect one,” Land said. “If the rest of us did this, it would be a second-rate love affair. He’s not in touch with reality.”

I have to agree, the Governor Mark Sanford is droning on and on that is lover is his “soulmate.” Hello? You’re married with children my friend, find that sensitivity chip and plug it in. This guy will definitely have to resign and he can run off to Argentina and be with his girlfriend.

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