Now that Tanner is officially off the Bachelorette, what type of girl is our foot fetish guy looking for? One of my readers, had a fun Facebook conversation with Tanner today and he revealed he’s looking to meet a good girl. According to Tanner, good women are hard to fine.

According to my source, Tanner has been working hard and doing all kinds of cross country radio conversations. Also, he’s been the lucky recipient of several “foot fetish” and other “interesting” videos that girls are sending him. I guess he’s not hurting for romantic company.

In other interesting news, it looks like he’s friends with Jeremy as well. At this point, WHO doesn’t Jeremy know. Is he the new talent scout for ABC? He has known Wes for 20 years, he’s friends with Melissa Rycroft, Tanner, and I wonder if he knows Jake as well.

Tanner seems like a cool guy, not your typical financial analyst. He seems to be enjoying his new found fame but is tired of everyone asking about Wes. Plus, he claims girls that claim to be “nice girls” aren’t really. Poor Tanner, I’m sure when the time is right, you will find the right girl.

On a side note, I wonder he will join the Twitter clique and do an interview with Reality Steve?

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Jacy Nova

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