You gotta love Trista Sutter, not only will she always be the Bachelorette queen, she’s dishing dirt on this seasons Bachelorette. What I like most about her, is she’s not afraid to express how she really feels. In her new blog, our Scorpio girl reveals her real thoughts about Wes Hayden and his recent comments.

Trista says:

Somehow after Robby leaves, Wes gets the golden ticket of snuggle-time with Jillian. I want to know how he weaseled that in! It just makes me sick to my stomach for her that he says he has everything to gain, he “has a hidden agenda,” and he’ll always have her wrapped around his little finger. What makes me even sicker is his bit about tasting and eating the fame he is going to get out of being on the show. Oh, no he didn’t!

I’m sure there have been plenty of people on this series, as well as The Bachelor, to crave self-promotion for their singing or acting careers. To fully admit it, though, especially when you know Jillian will see what you are saying at some point down the road, makes me wonder if Wes is incredibly hurtful, extraordinarily selfish, drugged-up, just plain stupid—or all of the above. It also makes me wonder if editing is to blame. Was he finishing his sentences with, “But I’ve fallen for Jillian and I know now that my music career will be second fiddle,” and we just aren’t seeing that? If only Chris Harrison could spill the beans, I’d give him a call right now!

I don’t think Wes has fallen for Jillian, but he has definitely fallen in love with the camera. Can’t wait to see the Wes and Jake showdown. Also, we get to hear the “song” Wes wrote for Jillian, or one of his many ex girlfriends.

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Jacy Nova

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