Today, Hollywood mourns the loss of an amazing actress and incredible beauty. Her former co-stars and friends have issued the following statements.

“Farrah had courage, she had strength, and she had faith. And now she has peace as she rests with the real angels,” said Jaclyn Smith after the death of her friend and Charlie’s Angels costar Farrah Fawcett.

Cheryl Ladd, who replaced Fawcett on the wildly popular ’70s show, says: “I’m terribly sad about Farrah’s passing. She was incredibly brave, and God will be welcoming her with open arms.”

“I will miss Farrah every day,” says Kate Jackson. “She was a selfless person who loved her family and friends with all her heart, and what a big heart it was. Farrah showed immense courage and grace throughout her illness and was an inspiration to those around her. When I think of Farrah I will remember her kindness, her cutting dry wit and, of course, her beautiful smile.”

P] Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner called Fawcett, who died of cancer at age 62 Thursday morning, the “Marilyn Monroe of the 1970s” whose famous poster “defined what one thinks of as the All-American girl.”

“Men fell in love with her and women wanted to look like her,” says Hefner of his magazine’s cover model. “She had a magic that never went away. She became a part of the pop culture.

Fawcett’s former husband, Lee Majors, says, “She fought a tremendous battle against a terrible disease. She was an angel on earth and now an angel forever.”

Hairstylist Jose Eber, who created Fawcett’s famous blonde mane, says, “She was blessed with the most amazing hair anybody could have.”

Ryan O’Neal said she was the love his life, her funeral is planned for this weekend. Ryan will be speaking with Barbara Walters this weekend to discuss his life with the beautiful actress. So sad…

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