In her new blog posting, Jillian reveals why she kept Wes and had to let Jake go. I guess Jake was too intense for her, translation he smothered me. Here’s what she said.

Jillian’s Blog:

Okay let’s talk about what all of you are thinking right now. Me keeping Wes and letting Jake go. Sigh. Please understand, that I DO NOT see a lot of the behavior that goes on when I’m not there. All of the interactions and conversations that I had with him were indicative of a good relationship. I am so confused by the Wes we all are seeing now, and by what the other guys were saying about him. People will say that I was attracted to his bad boy persona, but believe it or not it was the opposite. Around me, Wes was vulnerable, sweet, sincere and caring — and that is definitely not the Wes that I am seeing now.

Now about Jake: As much as I agree with you all that Jake is hot, nice, into me, and is perfect, our time together was just too intense. I know that the woman who ends up with Jake will be taken care of and cherished. But I am looking for someone with whom I have a more natural connection and who is my best friend. I am looking for a sense of “ease” in the relationship. And with Jake — well, it always felt like a sales pitch. Our conversations were always so intense and structured that I didn’t think it was fair to continue if I knew ultimately it wasn’t going to be him standing by my side in the end.

Again, this is where I go back to reminding myself that this is NOT a competition. Just because Jake is an impressive man for a lot of people doesn’t mean he had to be in MY top three. I truly believe that if there is no connection, let them go early so they can find their own Mrs. Invisible. I just didn’t want to waste any more of Jake’s time.

I guess you like who you like. Hopefully, Jake will be chosen as the next Bachelor. Stay tuned.

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