The new interview with Holly Durst is up on Reality Steve. She admits that she was madly in love with Justin Guarini and he is the “love of her life.” (Sidenote, Justin is engaged to an old high school friend.) She wanted to marry Justin and unfortunately he broke her heart. She says that she was discovered by the Bachelor casting director walking down the street. Hmmm…

Anyhoo, her first impression of Matt was she didn’t like his nose, she says she is definitely a nose girl. Explains her relationships with Justin and Jesse. They are definitely nose dudes. Holly says she is still good friends with Matt from the Bachelor series.  A quick FYI, Matt is now dating his publicist, who is a cougar.

Holly our Capricorn girl, definitely has a sense of humor. She said she loved all the boys on Deanna’s season. It sounds like she definitely wished she was the Bachelorette and eluded to dating several of the guys from the show. What did she say about Jesse? She said that Jesse wasn’t her type and she wouldn’t have picked him to receive the final rose. She claims she’s not a “mean” person, I have read some of her Twitter posts (which she deleted) and they were not nice.

She claims that he invited Holly to go snowboarding in Colorado while he was still with DeAnna. She clarifies, the real story was that DeAnna had already broken up with him, and she dated him in late 2008.  In the end, she slams Jesse for dating her after the breakup. After that, she admits she went on the Bachelor 6 weeks after Justin dumped her. Double standard? She claims Jesse had a girlfriend when he went on the show, which he did not. He was casually dating someone, the girl ended up being in a relationship with someone else while dating him. They quit dating before he went on the show.

Holly admits Jesse DID fall in love with Deanna and when they were together he constantly talked about her. Not too fun for a girl, especially a Capricorn girl who needs to be numero uno. Holly says the relationship stressed her out…oh well. She really didn’t say what exactly stressed her out, the only thing she could come up with is that Jesse had a mild case of road rage. Really? Most guys suffer from that disease. What I’m really curious about is why did Justin Guarini break up with her??? She said that she likes to be a “private” person and hates the limelight. Really? That’s why you date Justin Guarini, go on the Bachelor, dates Jesse, and wants to be virtual Prom Queen. Afterward, you do an interview with Reality Steve?  In fact, I hear your going to be on a TV Guide special about the hottest bodies in Hollywood. Honey, you don’t like being in front of a camera? I think it’s safe to say ALL reality stars LOVE being in front of a camera.

What was interesting, she said that AstroChicks started the cat fight on Twitter. Seriously? I posted a tweet that Jesse’s interview was up. Most of the tweets between Holly, Deanna, RS, etc were deleted by the girls. They did say negative stuff, made fun of J,  if I remember Holly’s exact words “he can suck a big one,”.  My comments are still on Twitter, at Unfortunately, Holly and DeAnna removed most of theirs. If she wants to back peddle that’s fine, I have nothing against her. I’m a gossip blogger, I’m no different than RS.  Fans reached out to me pointing out all the negative stuff Deanna and Holly were saying about J. AstroChicks stuck up for him and said he was a cool guy. On me following them on Twitter, they were following as well.

Reality Steve’s says “the truth” is that I’m the chick on Venice Beach that you pay $10.00. Sorry honey, not even close and I’m sure you already know that. I don’t do “psychic readings” for a living, I actually earn a living as a writer, yes I write horoscopes, comic books, etc.  I poke fun at reality shows. What do you do RS? President of the Twitter Club? What is this the WWE of Gossip Bloggers? We do the same thing, write snarky comments about reality shows. Except I think AstroChicks is a little bit nicer.

I don’t think the girls are being cruel, I just think they were being childish and immature. Very high school. It’s an interview, big deal. I think that RS is doing a bias interview, whining and complaining that someone called them out on what they said. Plus, I outed Jeremy as your source…Come on, have a sense of humor guys. In 3 years, no reality fans will care about this anyway.

In the end, it sounds like Holly has had her heart broken a few times and is a little bit bitter. Advice? QUIT DATING REALITY GUYS!!! Holly is still working on getting her children’s book published. Astrologically, Saturn is trining her Sun which is a good time to pursue her career. I have nothing against the girls, I hope they do well in their careers, etc. but at least be real. It’s a reality show, this is their job, and gossip bloggers help keep them in the public eye. With us, your career lives on and on. One hand feeds the other.

Check out Reality Steve’s interview. It’s a long interview, RS does a good job, and should consider a career in radio. Thanks for the plug RS. Also, kudos for getting DeAnna and Holly to pimp your merchandise, genius…

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Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.