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  1. Wrong Keith. You have been sucked in too with the lies. She told so many during the interview. She lied about who the friend was that told her to talk to DeAnna. She totally lied about her hook up with Jesse. She totally lied about being shy and no way is she innocent. And we all know she hasn’t grown up yet. Someone who is shy would not post pictures on the internet exposing what she has. She is a fake and not truthful.

  2. Jesse and I parted because our lives were taking us in different directions. As if I care what you think. He is a gentleman. As far as the girls that say he’s so bad – I’d say they are the ones with the problem. Holly has an agent – I thought she was shy ? Oh agent – you are paid to defend her and I’d say you have your hands full as she has told many lies. You might want to charge her more money because it will take alot of work to justify her recent actions. Telling lies to further your career catch up with you. She’s lied to the world so she won’t hesitate to lie to you.

  3. i actually heard the same thing about the sister deal. but again who cares she’s hot too! lol.

  4. Kim, “. . . calling her sister!?!” What drugs are you on? You KNOW as well as the rest of the world, that DID NOT happen. Agents making up lies — do you think that gives you more validity? Hahahaha! Thanks for today’s laugh.

  5. P.S. Kim, why is it necessary to call Jesse a dick? I think he has been a gentleman in his response, he has said nothing negative about the girls. Maybe Holly should try dating a non reality guy…she might be happier and won’t find it necessary to have her talent agent fight her battles for her. Aren’t you suppose to be getting her auditions?

  6. Kim, aren’t you Holly Durst’s agent? I think that would make you bias. If you’re her agent, get her a better publicist, she needs it.

  7. Ashley… One question… Who dumped who? If he dumped you no wonder you’re still friends you probably follow him around like a lost puppy dog. As for Holly & De.. they dumped him… hum I wonder why he was such a dick? He must not take rejection well. OBVIOUSLY.

  8. Jesse is no “gentlemen” in fact… I heard that as soon as there “love” ran cold he was calling her sister and flirting with her, asking her to come see him in Colorado… What a GENTLEMEN.

  9. Truth Again

    Think what you want and call me whatever names of whoever you think I am. Your opinion means nothing to me or my life and I have absolutely no interest in talking to you about anything more and you can be sure this is my last communication to you. If you choose to support Jesse, it really is no concern of mine…do what you please with your life and know that I am not the one who goes around calling random people on message boards names…it definitely speaks to your frame of mind and level of sanity and if that is how you want to present yourself to the world feel free but I have no interest in speaking to a clearly irrational person.

  10. Right who cares – hot to a shallow person who is looking for the wrong qualities in a girl. You’ve probably seen up her skirt and we know we’ve all seen her breast. Oh, but I forgot she is so shy and innocent. Her pictures paint a thousand words. Far from shy and innocent.

    What a joke Ann or whoever you are today. You believe whatever these two girls tell you. They have lied so much they and you don’t know the truth. There are two sides to every story but you’re just believing anything said to you. Hypocrite you are and you know what I’m talking about. Funny about your man, Jeremy – the cheat, womanizer, liar. Let’s talk about Jeremy and his ways or is that different?

  11. Keith

    You are the smartest one here….hope you don’t mind that I addressed you by name…seems it’s a bad habit of mine to actually speak directly to the people I talk to…LOL!!!!

  12. @Keith – even if you are HOT …you should not BURN people, especially not on purpose or by elaborate revenge plotting. Dragging someone you loved not long ago through the dirt in a very public way is a sign of a COLD heart.

  13. I agree Michaela. Kathy’s comments at 2:30, yesterday make no sense in regards to her comment made at 5:20 on June 26. Very contradictory. I believe Holly herself may have made that comment on behalf of I believe to be her mom’s (Kathy) but she did not read carefully what Jacy wrote in blog and then in comments. So dear Holly needs to pay attention, it seems!!

  14. Jamie Ann Anderson: Do you not get that they were NOT SUPER EXCLUSIVE? Therefore the petition was legitimately posted. Do you not look at the pictures Holly has posted – what do you see? Parties, scantilly clad women, men, grinding (dancing). C’mon give it a break. Pick something more important to defend, like human rights.

  15. @Kathy – sorry, but I do not understand your last post. You did only type the word “JESSE” once in the post you are referring to, and that was when you said you know him well and he is nice and kind.

    I think Jacy read your post carefully – maybe you meant to say something else than you typed?

  16. I think Holly needs to buck up and fly straight. Her ditzy attitude is wearing thin. Her stories as skewed. She led around like a puppet by Reality Steve — does she not have a thought of her own?? And what is this about looking under girls skirts? For cryin’ out loud, someone help this child before it’s too late!?!

  17. kathy on Jun 29th, 2009 at 2:30 pm
    Hate to break it to you Jacy Nova, Before you ripe someone apart maybe you should REALLY read the message. I said JESSE NOT JUSTIN.

    I know Justin better than you’ll ever know. So dear pay attention.

    Hey, Kathy AKA Holly,(responding to Jacy) I think you need to read carefully. Jacy responded to your mom’s(Kathy) comment. Not the blog. Your mom, Kathy said that Justin was not on reality TV. What do you think American Idolshow is? A reality TV talent show. Holly AKA Kathy needs to get her facts straight before she attempts to find fault. She in fact is the one who is SO WRONG! Holly you are jealous of the good guy and it is a pity that you are happy when you think it is fun to try to hurt someone’s feelings. Jacy thank you for letting the truth out. Astrochicks has a good take on what is real. I was surprised that Jeremy Cade Anderson came to you for advice, ha ha. I thought he would have sought RS, D and H for whatever! But I guess he may now realize Astrochicks is so much more credible and in the know. Maybe he is a slow learner, but give him credit for turning to you Astrochicks.

  18. Hate to break it to you Jacy Nova, Before you ripe someone apart maybe you should REALLY read the message. I said JESSE NOT JUSTIN.

    I know Justin better than you’ll ever know. So dear pay attention.

  19. I can’t believe that those who are Jesse haters do so only because they have taken up with Miss Holly and think that what she says is perfect, truth and well- meaning. I am referencing Ann = Jamie Anderson in particular.If you listen to her interview she makes it clear she is not happy that Jesse has moved on. Why can’t she? What does she hope to gain by bad-mouthing a former non-exclusive boyfriend in the media. It seems like the only way she can be happy it to show some revenge joining in with D to make negative innuendos about a nice, caring friend to so many. MAYBE,they might have as many friends and supporters if they treated others with respect and dignity. It just seems that D and H, along with sidekick Jeremy, are allowing JEALOUSY (that Jesse is admired more)to taint there perspectives and now all the negativity they are getting gives them a taste of their own medicine. D and H can count their supporters on one hand. Jesse has support from so many more because he is sincere and caring and not two-faced.
    What does H think that what she has to say that holds an ounce of truth. Her irratic, juvenile behavior just continues to prove that she is putting her own self down even farther and is not doing anything worthwhile to boost her self-image. Continuing to enjoy looking under women’s dresses is a prime example (even Chris Harrison’s wife this weekend) proves that her sense of excitement is WACKO. If anyone has spoiled her image as a great girl- she herself has.

  20. As I was pointing out – the above poster (whatever name she chooses or denies to use) is easily identifiable by starting each post with a name “Michaela” (this time), repeating the same things, and by always needing to have the last word.

    Thanks for just proving my point: “…you cannot let any argument go. This has nothing to do with Jesse!”

  21. Michaela

    I think you have lost it somewhere along the line….I am not Ann, Katherine or any other person you think I am. I am Jamie…not a snowboarder??..never heard of that and I am not Holly’s mother….When i address people, I do it by their name and Astrochick you negelected to put up my last post. I am not arguing or doing anything different than you. I am expressing my opinion and I see Jesse very clearly as someone who wants to get ahead at any cost. If you choose to defend someone who puts petitions up all over the place including one to be the bachelor while he has a girlfriend feel free to do it…it’s just not what I want to do.

  22. Ann = Jamie Anderson = Katherine, stop it already. Just because you say the same thing over and over all over the place using very deceptive screen names does not make any of your constructed “truth” more true. People know that you judge whatever Holly does differently than what Jesse does. You have some personal agenda here that makes you loose all objectivity. It gets exhausting – because you cannot let any argument go. This has nothing to do with Jesse – it just identifies you as an argumentative person who cannot resolve an issue without hate, revenge, lies, false accusations or placing blame. People call people what they have been called – you calling Jesse IMMATURE sums YOU up. You carry so much anger inside that people can spot your posts no matter what new name you come up with. Look above – each post of Ann starts with “yelling” at somebody by name: “Hi ASHLEY”, ” YOU think”, “Me on”. Also, why would you pretend to be someone who knows Jesse personally? You have never met him but pretend to know him face-to-face by posing as a female somwboarder (Jamie Anderson) or Holly’s mother (Katherine). Work on your own issues before pointing fingers.

  23. Seriously? Deanna and Holly have negative comments about J on his page as well. Astrochicks allows people to say what they want because it’s their opinion. Reality Steve has both.

    If you describe immaturity is a guy who has a charity for kids since he was 19, owns his own home, and has a successful career as a teacher and athlete immature…so be it. I don’t know many guys who are 26 who can say that.

    Jesse was a professional snowboarder BEFORE he ever came on TV. Was on the TV show MADE, before he was on the Bachelorette.

    I think everyone should let the past go and focus on the future of what these reality stars do. If we were all judged on every single mistake we made…where would we all be? What two people say in a private email is private. What do your private emails say?

  24. Me on,

    I am very glad to hear that Jesse does not advocate name calling…this is a great quality. Answer me this question then, why does he allow fans on his pages to trash both of his these girls while immediately deleting any negative comments that appear about himself on his pages? In addition, I know for certain that Jesse has privately emailed his fans negative comments about these girls in the past and calls them derogatory names in these e-mails. I can only assume he thinks this is a way to convince people to stay on his side against these girls.

    I agree with you when you say he has made many mistakes. He is a very immature young man who could not deal with his moment in the spotlight. His desire to parlay this moment into a lifetime career has made him blind to an appropriate way to go about achieving his goal. I hope he is using some of this as a learning experience and he will go on to consider other people’s feelings first in the future. I think Jesse has some very admirable qualities…it’s wonderful that he is involved in a charity and it’s also wonderful to be a person of ambition but I still have to question some of his decisions and methods.

  25. Hate to break it to you Kathy, but Justin is in TV, he was the first runner up for American Idol. Remember Kelly Clarkson, well Justin came in second on the BIGGEST reality show in the world. Afterwards, he released a record album, did a movie, and was on a entertainment show on TV Guide for 2 years. He now is an actor and has his own show on Blog Talk Radio. He definitely is in showbiz. Also, I think Justin broke it off with her, he’s marrying an old friend from high school.

  26. I know Holly and Jesse very well! They are both nice kind people.
    Both of them are very hard workers. Both of them would except a job on T.V. and be in the lime light for the nice paychecks. WHO out there wouldn’t!
    Both of these people are generally very normal well balanced people.
    Holly works 40 hours a week at her job. For a fashion designer. She is a lovely girl. Beautiful on the inside.
    She doesn’t take life to seriously. She is fun and goofy.
    Who cares. I LOVE that about her. It’s true the network walked into her job 5 days before they started taping the Bachelor and asked her to be on it. They found her. Oh yeah and Justin G. is a wonderful person Holly is friendly with him. She did however break it off with him. She only wants the best for him. And he is not in reality T.V.

  27. Katherine:
    First, know that I am and have been a supporter of Jesse since about the middle of their show – it started when I saw a young man with a crazy jacket go on a show and proceed to amaze his own self when he continued to be get a rose week after week – as the weeks passed I saw this crazy snowboarder demonstrate more manners than any other man on that show – he showed respect to DeAnna, every time she walked in a room he was the first to stand up – on their one on one date at the Wilshire, Jesse was such the gentleman and I loved the toast that he gave to DeAnna, he also took charge and showed a lot of self confidence on that date – very good qualities for a young crazy snowboarder – the thing that I think I admired the most about Jesse and one of the things that has me still rooting for him today, is the respect and admiration that he has for his mom and dad and the way that he showed it to them and to the anyone watching. I could go on but I’m sure you get where I’m going with this.

    I have to agree with you 100%, that when people start name calling and trashing someone – then they lose all credibility in my book, and I hope most everyone agrees with that. To call anyone a “ho” is the same as calling them a whore and that is the lowest of lows.

    I will be a spokesperson for Jesse on this matter, we have spoken about this and he said that it is fine for me to do so – in fact he appreciates this chance to be heard, even if indirectly – he has not and will never advocate any name calling or personally bashing of any of his friends past or present – this is totally unacceptable to him.

    We’re talking about 2 young adults trying to make their way in this big wide world that we live in – lots of mistakes will be made along the way (been there, done that:) and the best that any of us can hope for them, is that they will learn from their mistakes and build on more solid ground every time they get a chance to do it (whatever “it” may be) better/different the next time.

    Thank you Katherine for sharing your feelings of disgust and disdain for people that say these things, it gave me a chance to share my feelings also.

    Btw – this is not just a young person’s struggle – even the older generation still learns from our mistakes every day (and I’m one of the hard headed ones – so quite often I have to take a few extra lumps before some things finally sink in:)

  28. As always a spot on blog Astrochicks. You definitely have the same insight about what many of us Earthchicks,ha ha see is real about Jesse and what is fake and needs to be fixed for the Thelma and Louise duo with sidekicks Jeremy and RSteve.
    I agree with Melody about this lesbian connection that can be surmised by Holly’s love/ infatuation being revealed for De. I have been wondering the same thing lately, especially after Holly confirmed that she and De like to look up girls skirts and take pictures when “they are out clubbing or wherever” I guess they must go home and fantasize, WHOA! What sane people do this? Can anyone believe this pair? They tell a pack of lies that only THEY BELIEVE AS TRUTH! They need to wave a white flag and surrender to a psychiatric hospital for mental health issues. SERIOUSLY!
    Regarding why Ho is a good name for Miss Holly – her pictures and behavior sure seem to reveal more whore than wholesome. If you don’t like HO, how about Crazy, Loony, Bitch, Dumbo, you pick one. BTW, Jesse speaks for himself and I speak for myself based on all HO has revealed about herself in the media, words/tweets, pictures, TV all this camera shy girl says she is, but is not. Get a real life and maybe people will show you some respect. First respect yourself because its not evident. Astrochicks thanks for being real! Real about what is going on!

  29. What was the “Scoop” on Reality Steve’s interview???Nothing, it was a bust. There was no new information. Holly seemed and always has seemed like a nice woman, but clearly not in charge of her life. I wish her the best and most of all find better girl friends. The line about Jesse looking for a meal ticket from Deanna who was not even working at that time is pathetic! Jesse is being punished when all he did was fall in love with someone who did not deserve his love, Deanna. Unfortunately, I think he still loves her.
    A Few Facts and a couple of questions for “Truth,” “Sjcali” and the other Jesse bashers. Enough with your lies and false accusations. Be bold or courageous enough to answer a few questions.
    1. Jesse has a job. The same job he had when Deanna “fell in love with her soulmate.” He is a professional snowboarder and teacher. He is still doing that today in Oregon. What is wrong with this??? What “job” did Deanna have before the “Bachelorette? How many homes did she sell on her “provisional” real estate license? Will she have a job after the “crack of dawn” morning gig she has now. “Kate” from “Kate and Jon+ eight” will be looking for a job, she is as qualified as Deanna Pappas was for giving marriage advice.
    2. Since when is it a crime to seek upward mobility. Jesse more than Deanna or Holly, has built a fan base of people who adore him. Deanna said herself on a Baltimore radio talk show when they were still together during an interview that a person would be foolish not to try and parlay their than recent fame from the Bachelorette into a career opportuinity. Why is Jesse now being bashed for doing only what a “fool,” per Deanna, would not do?? What is wrong with this?
    3. JSAK is run and the funds handled by a board, not Jesse. Any lies about misuse of any JSAK funds need to stop immediately unless Deanna and Holly want to risk being “Dragged to Hell” for something really evil, lying about a charity that benefits children.
    By the way Deanna did say that she was donating her engagment ring from the “Bachelorette” to a charity. Hey “TRUTH, which charity did she donate the ring to? I don’t remeber reading about that, perhps you have.
    4. Jesse started JSAK when he was only 19 years old to benefit kids like himself who could not afford the expense of the sport. This is not an abommination. It is amazing! At that young age, when most kids are acting immature and self centered & acting like Deanna and Holly, he had the vision to build a children’s charity and he has sustained it. “TRUTH,” and the rest of you–Step up with real facts or BACK OFF! Your lies are just plain indecent and will not go unpunished!!
    5. I find it interesting that to date, Jesse has not said one mean or ugly thing about either of these women. Yes, he is still under contract, but so is Deanna and she has still managed to bash him anyway. Why?? Doesn’t she run the risk of a lawsuit? Maybe she should hire the weak, spineless traitor, Jeremy Anderson. Or she could always continue to use Holly as her mouthpiece with their new fast found friendship. Anyone taking bets on how long this friendship will last after Deanna sees no more use for Holly’s bashing of Jesse?
    6. In all of this Jesse bashing one thing remains the same, Jesse has not participted or reciprocated in the mean public exchanges. In this way he is better off than either of these two women. I confess, I drank the Jesse and Deanna Koolaid. I believed and rooted for them. After the way I’ve seen Deanna behave, I’m still rooting for Jesse. Life goes onand I hope these two women will “GROW-UP and that Jesse coninutes his search for a great opportunity for himself. He will make it.

  30. Must be her mother that is so offended.

    Holly refers to a friend of Jesse’s telling her to talk to De when she was thinking of breaking up – lied again. That friend was De’s friend – let’s call her K.

    Ann we have not heard from you in a while – did a name change again.

    By the way, let’s just blame our world’s problems on Jesse.

  31. Thanks astrochicks, again a mature blog.
    Holly contadicts herself in the RS interview. Many times. She doesn’t even realize it.
    She really is very immature to break up with someone and blah, blah, blah about it. Way to stay in the limelight “limelight hater girl” haha. Should get a lot of trusting boyfriends after that interview. Watch out men!
    as for blaming the ulcer on Jesse, wow, “one of the sweetest people in the world”. gee, can you contradict yourself again. Maybe it was the stress of feeling cheap that you jumped on Jesse so quick, way to go girlfriend. Takes two to Tango.
    I guess Holly is making her rounds in the Reality World field of men. It looks like Reality Steve may be her next victim. For someone as “sarcastic, judgemental and sophormic” as Steve supporting Holly and not calling her out as being such a “bubblehead”. Steve must be getting “soft”. haha, next he will be blogging on how much he loves ” Happy Days” and “Fantasy Island” reruns. Can’t wait for that.

  32. You think it’s “catchy” to refer to another woman as a whore? I can see kids thinking that is funny or clever, but not mature adults.

    Look, people can say whatever they want about Holly, but once you refer to her as “Ho” then you lose all credibility because you sound like you’re in 7th grade.

    And you’re not doing Jesse any favors by acting that way. If this is who his fans and friends are then it doesn’t say much about him. You praise Jesse as being a great friend and a gentleman, but then you trash Holly by calling her “Ho.” If he’s a *gentleman* then he would be offended by his friends/fans calling his ex-girlfriend a whore. If he thinks it’s funny or he does it himself then he’s not actually a gentleman.

  33. Reality Steve is a JACKASS!! Thanks AstroChicks for being the classy one. It sounds to me like RS is trying to score points with DeAnna and Holly, maybe in the hopes of hooking up for a 3-some. Is it just me, or does it seem like DeAnna and Holly have this weird/twisted “lesbian” thing happening?? As far as the interview goes, who cares really?? Most people are already tired of hearing about them! Holly portrays herself as a media hungry little girl and definitely a hypocrite. Jesse still comes out looking like the “nice guy” that he is … I have never heard or read of him once bashing either one of them.

  34. Hi Ashley – How mature is it for you to follow media stories about Holly and DeAnna and leave comments that refer to Holly as a derogatory name? You lose all credibility when you do that, it makes you sound like a Jesse stalker/fan instead of someone who actually knows him. If Jesse is such a fine respectful young man then I doubt he wants his friends to call Holly a Ho. Or does he encourage it, think it’s funny? Does he refer to her as Ho too? Maybe so, since you’re such great friends…

    If you’re “so tired” of reading about Holly then I recommend you stop clicking on stories about her.

  35. In reference to Ho’s interview with REality Steve – retard – Holly you are the retard. You don’t even think before you speak. Real mature again. You look up girls skirts and Deho taught you that. Something you both have in common. Girl – you do need to propose to her – marry that girl cause you are so alike. That’s probably the reason why neither relationship lasted. jesse was the smart one – I’ll bet he knows that now. Another one of your comments – you have a way of digging a whole for yourself – dumb blonde(oh but what is your natural color) you’re just dumb – leave it at that. You said you would feel a little wiery if Justin and Jesse were friends. Why – would you be afraid they would do what you and Deho are doing to Jesse. I doubt that they would because there’s nobody like you and Deho and I know Jesse is a gentleman and it sounds like Justin found you out. It all comes back to the fact you act all innocent but your actions speak louder than your interview. You are a fake and everyone sees thru you. Start telling the truth once in a while. You will feel better when you lay your head on the pillow at night.

  36. gosh am so tired of reading poor Ho. I dated Jesse and we reamin close firends.I am not like De and Ho and try to place blame on Jesse or bash him…this is crazy…neither of you could make it work with Jesse maybe it is your immaturity and self centerness…grow up alreay and move on.

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