This weekend, a young woman Neda, was murdered on the streets of Iran, for protesting the fraudulent elections in that country. Walking arm in arm with her father, peacefully marching, they were gunned down in horror by police trying to control the protest. Heartbreaking…

Daily Kos Reports:

On Saturday, June 20 the world was shocked to witness the senseless and gruesome death of a 27 year old Iranian philosophy student, Neda Agha Soltan as she walked arm in arm with her father through the streets of Tehran. She, like many of the young and well educated of Iran, was demonstrating her support for the disenfranchised reformists and their candidate, Mir Hossein Mousavi, in the fraudulent and much contested presidential election of June 12.

Words can not describe the horror of this event. Forget what we think we may know of Iranians and particularly Iranian women. Neda seems to have been complex beyond our as yet limited insight. The photos collected from Tweets out of Iran since Saturday suggest a young woman who beneath her veil longed to feel the breeze flow through her hair. Neda is said to mean “the calling” or “the voice”, and she died before us with her eyes wide open starring into ours, her voice silenced, literally by her own blood, moments before she passed. The entire event, captured by fate by another demonstrator documenting the protests on her cell phone, clearly shows Neda and her father just moments before and after her shooting. Her eyes passively go blank as they seem to stare questioningly into ours. It is a gruesome document of the moment of an innocents death which I tried personally to avoid watching until, finally, after realizing the effect her death was having among her own people, I forced myself to witness. I must advise others to carefully consider their own choice in viewing this video now making the rounds on the net.

Neda’s remains were committed to the ground the following day, the haste toward burial extremely unusual as are the current events in Iran at this particular moment in time. Iran’s authoritarian regime has issued a ban on collective prayers for this young victim, sending out a circular to all mosques. They have good reason to be afraid now with her death.

Women in Iran, continue to protest the election, risking prosecution or even death for speaking out. It’s an incredible turning point in Iran’s troubled history. The young people thirst for freedom, while the regime tries to kill their spirits.

Obama has condemned the violence against students in Iran. He said the death of Neda was incredibly heartbreaking. In this video below, captures the last few moments of Neda’s life. It’s very dark and grainy.

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