Last night, Twitter had some CRAZY tweets going on. Perez Hilton, after the Much Music Awards, tweeted that he had been beaten up by Will. I.Am. First I thought it was joke, but Perez tweeted for someone to call Toronto police. Hundreds of fans did.

Wild…Tila Tequila got in on the Twitter action saying that Perez was being a drama queen and nothing happened. Today, a video was linked over the wild altercation between the gossip gangster and one of the Black Eyed Peas. WTF?

MTV Reports:

Now, Will.I.Am has fired back again, with a second Dipdive clip, in which he refutes Hilton’s claims, once again stating that he had nothing to do with an assault and accusing the gossip maven of playing up the incident for attention.

“OK, so I’m on my way to sleep, and I get a text from a friend, and it says she reads on Twitter that I assaulted Perez Hilton. For those who were following my Dip [postings], I told you what happened,” Will said in the video. “This dude twists it and says I assaulted him, when I was the one who came to him with respect, and he was the one who called me a f—-t outside of the club. Whatever. I hit you, Perez? Come on, dude, I didn’t hit you. I told you that I didn’t like the fact that you disrespected us.

“Dude, apparently you were bleeding outside the club. I was, like, next to you by a tree. I was waiting for my car. And instead of calling the police, you [Tweeted] that I assaulted you. Sounds like somebody wants mad attention and is not really concerned with his health,” Will continued. “I didn’t hit you. And this is very wrong that you are [Tweeting] that I did that, once again disrespecting me and everything that I stand for. And they’re lies. And that’s wrong. Shame on you. Shame on your behavior.”

Will doesn’t actually address Hilton’s claim that he was assaulted by Molina, but in a video of the incident ā€” which, of course, surfaced Monday afternoon (June 22) on ā€” Hilton can be seen arguing with a pair of men outside Toronto’s Cobra club, one of whom appears to be Will and the other whom the Web site identified as Molina.

Though footage is grainy, Hilton can clearly be heard shouting: “No, you’re not a f—ing artist. You’re a f—ing f—-t.” The gathered crowd responds with “Oohs!,” and Will can be heard shouting, “Yo, that’s Perez! That’s Perez Hilton!”

From there, the scuffle apparently breaks out, as club security can be heard ushering partygoers back inside the club. At the end of the clip, someone can be heard yelling, “You just assaulted Perez Hilton.”

I guess some of these stars take themselves way too seriously. Did Will.I.Am hit Perez? It looks like someone did, but it’s hard to see who did. Also, who the hell calls the police via Twitter??? That’s right, a drunk Perez Hilton does.

We love you Perez, but come on, Will.I.Am is DEFINITELY one of this centuries best artists, and you’re getting too big for your britches. Kids, this is what happens when you drink WAY TOO MUCH!!!

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