Wow, what a bunch of drama today, first Perez Hilton, Chris Brown, and now Jon & Kate equals HATE HATE HATE. A sad ending, to once a pretty happy couple. Why did the marriage fall apart? Was it having too many children? Or was it all the fame and fortune? is reporting that Jon and Kate Gosselin filed divorce papers in Pennsylvania today to end their 10-year marriage. It has been widely anticipated that the couple will use tonight’s episode of Jon & Kate Plus Eight to announce their split, based on press reports and suspicious spots promoting the one-hour episode on TLC.

Really sad news for the kids. Plus, how in the world is Kate going to take care of 8 kids on her own? Her hubby Jon, always looks so damn bored, like he doesn’t want to be a dad. Or maybe it’s just a dad on TV. Who knows, maybe the Aries couple will get back together?

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Jacy Nova

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