It looks like Jon & Kate, plus eight, can’t catch a break these days. Over the weekend, Aeden was rushed to the emergency room for an unknown medical concern. It was reported  her mom, Kate Gosselin, was not at the hospital according to

In other news, Jon Gosselin allegedly had returned to the family compound in Wernersville, Pa., on Friday after checking out a Trump apartment property in New York City on Thursday.

TLC, their network is heavily promoting a one-hour special about the future of Jon and Kate Gosselin. has already “confirmed” from their unnamed sources that the two will divorce.

“It just got worse and worse and worse, with all the tabloids,” Jon Gosselin said. We can’t go back. We can only go forward,” Kate Gosselin said. “We will learn a lot going forward and we will come out if this on the other side hopefully stronger, better, wiser,” Kate added.

It’s reported that Jon is having an affair with the daughter of Kate’s plastic surgeon. I guess keep it in the family. I feel sorry for the kids.

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