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THE BACHELORETTE – After Breaking Jillians Heart, Will Ed Swiderski Be the Next Bachelor???

Don’t you just love it when Mom’s stick up for you.  In the latest Bachelorette saga of Jillian and Ed, his mom dishes the edelliot2dirt on why her little boy really left.

“He had just gotten this job,” Judith Elliott said. “He wanted to keep it. I guess maybe he didn’t expect to go as far [on the show] as he did. The job Elliott is referring to is a position at Microsoft, a compnay which confirmed that Ed was an employee but had no comment on him or his work ethic.

“He could have chosen her and then not been the one in the end anyway,” she said. “There are still seven or eight guys left. And besides, how could she know if she really wanted him if he didn’t have a job?”

Before Ed’s reputation somehow tarnished, he was considered a front runner on The Bachelorette, earning his roses as he and Jillian shared a helicopter ride, had dinner on a rooftop, rappelled down a skyscraper, and even indulged in the Canadian art of curling.

“He started being ready to settle down last year,” said his mother, who has been fielding phone calls from friends who want to set up their daughters.

“I’m proud of the way he handled it, and I’m proud of his work,” she added. “He took a chance going on there. You’ve got to go for it. You don’t want to regret anything, whatever the outcome. And you learn from the experience.”

So does this mean he goes back to win Jillian’s heart, only to be rejected? I guess his first instinct was right. Or is ABC grooming him to be the next Bachelor?

What happened to the original Bachelor being a millionaire, or someone spectacular? Now 25 girls are going to compete over a Microsoft computer engineer? Please, move to Seattle. They are crawling all over the place. Come on ABC, bring on another Andy Baldwin, he was hot.

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  1. Just because his mom’s last name is Elliot, doesn’t mean his is. His last name is Swiderski.

  2. Don’t buy this bull considering the guys are not allowed tv, phone or internet while there his job DID NOT call him to come back!! Also the contract that they sign say that they are going to be away from everything for 6 weeks! The thing with Ed leaving for work was a ploy for ratings by producers of show!

  3. I hear that he proposes to her and he is who she picks!!!! SAY IT AINT SO :(



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