If you’re ever looking for a good laugh, you should check out News of the Weird. Here are just a couple of stories that prove truth is stranger than  fiction.

News of the Weird:

When a son, angry that his father had ordered him to clean up his room, screamed at Dad and threw a plate of food across the dinner table, Dad called 911. The son is 28 year old Andrew Mizsak, who lives rent free with his parents in the Cleveland suburb of Bedford, Ohio, and is a member of the Bedford School Board (whose mom is a city councilwoman). After police arrived, the habitually untidy son apologized and, according to their report, was sent to his room to clean it. He was crying uncontrollably. Subsequently, the school board punished Andrew by removing two of his duties.

Timothy Martin, 44, was arrested in Federal Way, Wash., in May for felony indecent exposure after he was spotted standing partially nude with a string attached to his penis and, according to police, apparently, manipulating it with a string like a puppet.

Geez, can you imagine the lucky lady that gets to marry one of these guys. Too funny.

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Jacy Nova

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