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  1. A Few Facts and a couple of questions for “Truth,” “Sjcali” and the other Jesse bashers. Enough with your lies and flase accusations. Be bold or courageous enough to answer a few questions.
    1. Jesse has a job. The same job he had when Deanna “fell in love with her soulmate.” He is a professional snowboarder and teacher. He is still doing that today in Oregon. What is wrong with this??? What “job” did Deanna have before the “Bachelorette? How many homes did she sell on her “provisional” real estate license? Will she have a job after the “crack of dawn” morning gig she has now. “Kate” from “Kate and Jon+ eight” will be looking for a job, she is as qualified as Deanna Pappas was for giving marriage advice.
    2. Since when is it a crime to seek upward mobility. Jesse more than Deanna or Holly, has built a fan base of people who adore him. Deanna said herself on a Baltimore radio talk show when they were still together during an interview that a person would be foolish not to try and parlay their than recent fame from the Bachelorette into a career opportuinity. Why is Jesse now being bashed for doing only what a “fool,” per Deanna, would not do?? What is wrong with this?
    3. JSAK is run and the funds handled by a board, not Jesse. Any lies about misuse of any JSAK funds need to stop immediately unless Deanna and Holly want to risk being “Dragged to Hell” for something really evil, lying about a charity that benefits children.
    By the way Deanna did say that she was donating her engagment ring from the “Bachelorette” to a charity. Hey “TRUTH, which charity did she donate the ring to? I don’t remeber reading about that, perhps you have.
    4. Jesse started JSAK when he was only 19 years old to benefit kids like himself who could not afford the expense of the sport. This is not an abommination. It is amazing! At that young age, when most kids are acting immature and self centered & acting like Deanna and Holly, he had the vision to build a children’s charity and he has sustained it. “TRUTH,” and the rest of you–Step up with real facts or BACK OFF! Your lies are just plain indecent and will not go unpunished!!
    5. I find it interesting that to date, Jesse has not said one mean or ugly thing about either of these women. Yes, he is still under contract, but so is Deanna and she has still managed to bash him anyway. Why?? Doesn’t she run the risk of a lawsuit? Maybe she should hire the weak, spineless traitor, Jeremy Anderson. Or she could always continue to use Holly as her mouthpiece with their new fast found friendship. Anyone taking bets on how long this friendship will last after Deanna sees no more use for Holly’s bashing of Jesse?
    6. In all of this Jesse bashing one thing remains the same, Jesse has not participted or reciprocated in the mean public exchanges. In this way he is better off than either of these two women. I confess, I drank the Jesse and Deanna Koolaid. I believed and rooted for them.After the way I’ve seen Deanna behave, I’m still rooting for Jesse. I hope these two women will “GROW-UP and that Jesse coninutes his search for a great opportunity for himself. He will make it.

  2. I am a volunteer on the non-profit JSAK Snowboarding Inc. Just to clear up a few things, we are all volunteers on the board and we are NOT paid. We all work together in our fundraising efforts. Accusations have been made that thousands of dollars are being taken by things being sold on line. This is simple untrue! We are aware of each and every item sold on line last year. They were 2 snowboards, 1 baseball, a dress, and a jacket. The people making these remarks need to get their facts straight before trying to destroy an organization that stands for a good and worthy cause!!

  3. sjcali,
    you know the saying what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Well, I have been silent long enough. You talk about womenizing, lying and cheating. Ask your tweeter buddy Jeremy. He knows all about it. While his girlfriend was home sick in Dallas, he was having the time of his life playing the field. Ask him who he roomed with and then he’s flirting with all the girls. I was there and thought, what a hunk he was but after watching him -NOT- he is a slimeball and I hope his girlfriend found him out. He acts like he’s the perfect caatch-maybe for De or Ho. He says he’s a lawyer-someone I would not hire if that is really what he does and if so why would he want to be on the Bachelor. Girls beware ! to bad De didn’t pick him last year , they deserve one another.

  4. Thanks Astrochicks for this forum to let it all hang out. It seems that SJCali/AKA truth or could truth be Ann, anyway they need to pick up a stone and ask themselves am I not without fault, why do I feel that I should throw stones at Jesse all in the name of DeHO and HOde’s defense.
    Common you girls, what do you get out of bad-mouthing Jesse and his friends and fans. Do you really feel that much of a close connection with D and H that is worthy of your time. What have they done to make you want to put them on pedistal? If you Cali and Ann or all they have as their support system all I can do is laugh! Keep it up and one day you may ask yourself, why in the world did I waste my time on them?????? Many of us have already got that ? answered and thank goodness, Jesse, friends and fans alike are so glad. Save yourself before it is too late,LOL

  5. Although, I have never met Jesse in person, only through correspondence, I can honestly say that he seems so sweet and genuine. DeAnna and Holly are jealous that Jesse has a bigger fan base than either one of them will ever have. They are a couple of “Drama Queens” who crave media attention. Holly comes across as a “dumb blonde” and DeAnna as a “stuck up snob” who is wearing out her 15 minutes of fame. I just wish Jesse hadn’t hooked up with these two idiots.

  6. I dont belive any of this about jesse…because I know him personally.I dated him and he treated me with respect, kindness, and made me feel so very special. My car broke down and I didnt have the money to have it fixed. that guy paid to have my car fixed and never asked for a penny back…it takes two to make a relationship work and maybe things were onesided with these two hateful girls. Jesse is an awesome guy, his work with children is wonderful and admirable…stop the jesse bashing and move on already !

  7. First let me say this, D &H gossiping and Tweeting about Jesse….its sad, just sad. Do they not have anything else better to do? Its clear that their own lives are so lonley and miserable that they must try to make his that way as well. But let me tell you, as I am someone who knows jesse VERY well, and on a personal level: He is a great guy, considerate and sweet, exciting and adventerous. Jesse thinks about others before himself. And this I tell you is what HoDE and DeHo are missing, and THAT is why they bash him. Jesse doesnt need to use any “event” or publicity to make a name for his self…if you all new anything about him he had already done that long before the bachlorette. And for those of you who are less fortunate in the intelligence department…let me spell it out for you, its hard to make a relationship work when you are in the public eye, constantly being critized and critqued for simple things, and Jesse was no exception. But he is still a great guy, and he is perfect for someone. Although Jesse and I are no longer an item due to us living a very very long distance apart, we remain great friends. I know that jesse reads these and I am sure that he is happy for those who support him, and yet at the same time feels extreme sorrow for those who have nothing else better to do than speculate on what they “think” they know. May those of you who fall in that latter category…please go find something else better to do with your time

  8. Truth – A bit ironic that either Holly or Deyawwna (can’t remember which one) posted these identical words on their twitter the other day which have now been removed. “The astrochicks are loving this online created drama as its gotten them more hits to this slowwwwww website than ever”

    Do you 2 come to this site when you get bored twittering with each other?

  9. If you consider 250,000 unique readers each month slow, I guess slow we are. At the end of the day, most of my readers are more interested in Real Housewives but we still have some die hard fans of the Bachelor/Bachelorette series.

    AstroChicks is a blog, where fans can read their horoscopes, or gossip about celebrities. Well, I guess that’s what comments are for, to gossip, express opinions, argue,etc.

    Twitter is hardly personal, you’re annoucing to the world where you are and what you’re doing.

  10. Jesse’s fans are insane it’s hilarious and sad at the same time. Again how are you going to act offended by what two gals type on their personal twitters and by them doing an interview yet smooth over cheating, lying, and attention whoring in Jesse’s case. How does that even make sense.

    The astrochicks are loving this online created drama as its gotten them more hits to this slowwwwww website than ever, Jesse I’m sure is happy with the newfound online attention, as are Deanna and Holly. It’s not that serious. Why some people feel the need to defend Jesse’s honor I’ll never understand.

    What does Deanna’s job on get married have to do with anything. Like any of you watch that show to begin with, it’s a small cable morning show.

  11. And now Deyawwwna is twittering thanking people for “their support” ? On come on, did she lose her job, a death in the family lose a pet…..etc? How pitiful !

  12. Take the show and Jesse’s behavior out of the equation and focus on Holly and Deyawwwna behavior. If these were your teen daughters doing this, what would you tell them? How many months ago did they break up with Jesse and they are now having their twitter bash? My gut tells me they both fear he just MIGHT find another woman to replace them, hence the bashing. They said Jesse doesn’t have a job. What is Hollys job? What was Deyawwwnas job before being co host on Getting Married? What will Deyawwwnas job be when this show is canceled? Again, I am no Jesse fan and never was…..just calling a spade a spade.

  13. I think Holly and DeAnna are acting like a couple of junior high girls. They just need more attention and can’t stand it when they aren’t getting any. I agree that they should be careful with what they say because at the moment I am reading emails with information on them. As soon as I open a Twitter account, I will start letting some of what I know out.

    Naughty Naughty especially to you Holly.

    DeAnna is not a saint either. She is one sick puppy that is for sure. you need to get DeAnna off of your site because she will ruin it for sure.

  14. Who cares if Jesse had a girlfriend when he went on bach…really, who cares ?? He didn’t think he had a chance in H-E- 2 sticks to win the girls heart. Honestly, that first night, I couldn’t believe he got a rose either. He was put on the show for entertainment. He has a great voice and personality.. and people love him. In the looks department, he needed a little work, by the end of the show, with the haircut, he looked ” awesome”. He grew on me. Jesse has stated time and again that he thought he would be gone the first night. Did he take the show seriously initially, no, I doubt it very much. By, the end of the show, he did fall in love with Deanna. Can Deanna deny this ??
    He went on the show for promotion, yeah, so what. So, do 99% of the other contestants. They have a great track record of marriage. 1 out of 18 ?? The show is for entertainment purposes.. But, good luck to the couple that do find love. I will still watch it.

  15. First loves you never forget…lol. Jason blew it with his season, maybe Ed will become the new fascination. Robert Pattinson beats them all…girls LOVE LOVE LOVE him.

  16. Reality Steve mentioned it as well. I have about 250,000 readers per month. What are the most interested in?

    1. Real Housewives – Jersey and Atlanta
    2. Rock of Love – Are Bret and Taya still together?
    3. Robert Pattinson – Does he have a girlfriend?
    4. The Bachelorette – Anything Jillian
    5. The Bachelorette – Anything Jesse
    6. Real Chance of Love – Real and Chance

    I write about what readers want to read about. Whether they choose to post comments is up to them.

  17. What other blog made a story of Holly’s tweets? Who exposed them? Tweeting about an old boyfriend is what lots of people do. They got publicized HERE and no place else. You haven’t had this many comments on a topic since I’ve been reading this thing. You may be getting the most out of it of everyone. Good job!

  18. I just think you ladies are biased. Calling out D&H for their immaturity on twitter yet all of Jesse’s past actions that are more offensive like having a girlfriend while on the show (funny you guys didn’t do a follow up question on that one and ask him about it), making an attention seeking video one day after being dumped when he was already moving on to his next conquest. It’s just silly.

  19. Isn’t Holly using her old relationship with Jesse as a marketing tool? I don’t hear her tweeting about anything else. Except to vote for her as virtual prom queen.

  20. This is the problem. If someone says something critical about Jesse (who probably is a nice guy … most people are nice) it’s taken to the extreme. What has anyone said that implied he was a dictator? Fans can be fanatics. Yes, his relationship failed and two people made it fail … YET, he’s been using it as a marketing tool since it happened. Can HE give it a rest? Can we get a break from the sob story? He’s dated other people and is not hurting for female attention.

    This blog referred him as the guy who got his heart broken on The Bachelorette. So what? That is last year’s news. Why not call him a professional snowboarder? Why not entrepreneur? Why not philanthropist? If his heart isn’t mended, it time for him to get professional help. He wasn’t the star of the show. If people had really taken to him as the dumpee the way they have to Melissa, he’d have his own show by now and we wouldn’t be debating anything.

  21. Seriously, we are creating drama? We said we were posting an interview and everyone went Twittering mad. The interview discusses what he is doing now, what his opinion is on the season, and interesting behind the scenes info about filming of the Bachelorette.

    What was it? That it takes 10 to 12 hours to film a rose ceremony. Which would explain why Jillian looks so loopy when she’s handing out roses. Personally, we thought it was interesting these guys have to wait 10 to 12 hours to find out if they are getting kicked to the curb.

    I could give a Tweet’s ass about H&D…

  22. All I see is Astrochicks trying to create drama to get their buddy Jesse some minimal online attention. They’re on their personal twitters, if they want to make fun of Jesse for again using his media attention whoring skills talking about a season he knows nothing about, then who cares?

  23. Seriously, rational minds would not be acting like he’s Hitler. Give it a break. He’s a cool guy. Shit happens, people break up, etc.

  24. I bought the same crying BS that everyone else bought AT FIRST. I think folks with unchained brains can remember when my views began to change … MONTHS AGO! But I forgot … Some folks are so obsessed with Jesse that they cannot reason or think anymore. For grown women to take every hint of criticism of Jesse as a fatal stab wound is downright scary! They have medicine for that kind of anxiety. I don’t want to trigger anymore crying fits or nervous breakdowns so I’ll mind my words. I know it sends some folks into the psych ward when I talk about Jesse as a human being with flaws and not some mythical, magical character they’ve created in their minds.

    People with rational minds can reassess people and situations as more information is provided. That’s kind of what distinguishes human beings from other species.

    But hey, anyone who wants to devote their life, money and good sense for the love of a guy from last year’s TV show, is perfectly free to. Jesse has been interviewing and pimping himself as the guy who got his heart broken LAST YEAR for months and both ladies have been quiet. He tells his side to any random fan who will listen. If they want to break their silence after seeing the guy they dumped still trying to hang on to his brief celebrity from a reality show, good for them. Another side to the story will be refreshing. What are people so afraid that they’ll hear? That Jesse isn’t a saint? Who didn’t know that?

  25. sjcali – get your facts straight – he has a job. He’s not begging for a job – his fans want to see him on tv again because of his personality – something your two friends don’t have but that is why you are attracted to them – shallow like yourself. The other thing he has which you don’t have nor your two friends is class. Too bad he didn’t know what he knows now about her – the selfcentered person she is. She will never keep a man long once her true self surfaces. You cali are as low as they are and you are two faced. Maybe you are the one who needs to pick up the application at McDonalds. Go back under your rock.

  26. Pass me the salt first please. J is promoting his events, shows, etc. I understand if DeAnna wants to promote Get Married, she should stick to that. Give girls tips on how to find the “right guy”. Blah. Blah.

    What is Holly promoting? It sounds like the only thing she is promoting that she use to date Jesse and that she wants to be a virtual prom queen.

    Wow, if she spent as much energy on her career, as she did bashing J, she might have something to say.

  27. I think astro chicks need to so to speak get Jesse’s balls out of their mouths. It’s not that serious ladies. You’re all about promoting Jesse and supporting him playing the media game, making youtube videos about breakups, petition to be on shows, and his self promotion but when others do it they get called out by you very biased ladies.
    Nobody really cares except a handful of Bachelor/ette fans who will gossip about it momentarily online and then move on with their lives. This wont make any tabloids or cause any commotion in the media.

    Those two ladies have every right to say what they want about whoever they want and if its just for some passing online attention who cares? Jesse the king of self promotion should applaud these ladies for playing the game so well.

  28. WELL SAID!!! Basic principle the ladies should know as responsible grown ups: If you are the DUMPER and have ENDED IT…breaking a heart into pieces…you also loose the right to continue to keep hurting that person…he is no longer yours to injure, blame or toy with!!! Brad understood that – doing the right thing by declining to talk to Reality Steve.

  29. I never was a Jesse fan but good gawd, don’t these 2 girls (not women) have anything better to be doing? Do either have a real job and like others have said, doesn’t Stacie have a brain cell to realize this behavior is poison to the show? Holly might consider picking up an application the next time she grabs a Big Mac at McDonalds because that is the only career she is qualified for with her immature behavior. I saw a twitter sent to Deyawwna questioning the fact that she fell in love with Jesse and then dumped him and is now ripping him apart. Her response was that she didn’t know then what she knows now. Whatever… know it now. WTH does that mean? Had you known then what you know now, you would have dumped him sooner? Forget about it and move on…..she must fear that Jesse could get some favorable publicity that she isn’t associate with. Put your big girl panties on and get on with a real life. You can’t live in The Bachelorette/Bachelor shadow forever.

  30. Wow for sure a couple of stupid bimbos. DeHo and HoDe are great names for them. You have DeHo the barfly and HoDe the write of children books who hasn’t grown up yet and these two are throwing punches at the snowboarder guy that America loves. Back off Bimbos. You have opened a can of worms you will be sorry. DeHo is jealous because she thought she was the star and America loves him more than her. Why – because she cares about noone but herself. At least the snowboarder has class and cares about other people and treats them like his equal. Unlike you DeHo. YOu are not better than anyone – you are as low as they come. You stepped it way down when you hooked up with the fake blonde. By the way – we all know Jeremy is the one talking to Reality Steve. Texas boys – he grew up with Wes. Jeremy must not be practicing much law if he has so much time to twit with the bimbos. sjcali – have you ever told HoDe how you hated her and thought Jesse was too good for her. sjcali – you are as messed up as these two pieces of work you are twittin with. All of you – remember you opened this can of worms – beware.

  31. … and Jesse needs to earn a job and stop begging for one. Is Jesse not everything that most people who hated him said he was? Seems so …

  32. In response to Twilley’s comment as to why Jesse went on the Bachelorette. Jesse said it on national TV that he came on the show thinking it was not real – that no way could anyone fall in love on TV. The real question is why was Twilley there as long as he was – real piece of work. Do you think DeAnna had the hots for him? Too bad she didn’t pick him. Look at Jesse’s pictures of Vegas REunion – who do you see flipping up his middle finger in the pictures. That shows you how much class that Twilley guy has. Twilley always did talk too much and say nothing. I know for a fact that Jesse was not living with someone when he went on the show. But that makes better drama on TV to add a twist to the agenda. Viewers would rather see trash than the truth.

  33. Great article. Truth hurts. Time for the girls to grow up. You have to earn respect. DeAnna was earning mine, lost it again.
    Jeremy and Holly. They certainly captured their correct personas on their respective shows. Enough said.

  34. HoDe and DeHo need to be careful what they say. I don’t think they have a clue how this could turn around on them. They are acting like two immature high school girls with nothing to do but cause trouble. Be careful what you say – dirt might crop up about ya all. Lots of people from someones hometown not to favorable about her as a person. Stacie – get her off your show – her image is not appealing. someone said DeHo worried about her dad seeing – she needs to be worried. Grow up and get on with your life.

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