Wow, I’m really surprised that Daisy kicked Fox to the curb tonight. Of course, he does have a girlfriend, BUT he’s incredibly hot. What’s up with Big Rig, temper temper. Maybe Daisy isn’t so dumb after all.

Fox claimed to have moved out of his girlfriend’s house “a numerous amount of time ago.” But then Ashley/Jenna (the girlfriend, who introduced herself with two different names) called the house, talked to Daisy, and told her she’d been living with Fox and had thought he was at a hair styling show all this time. After all that, Daisy was still considering keeping him around because of their “connection.”

When probed about why she was contemplating letting Fox stay, Daisy justified, “Maybe everyone just wants to jump to conclusions and it’s all just a big misunderstanding. “ She continued on to explain, “The more and more everyone hates him, the more I just wanna like take care of him or fix him or something. It makes me almost drawn to him more because of that.” Typical female behavior!

Yikes, who is she going to pick now? Actually, Fox kept the show interesting. I’m sure he must be getting his own show, or he will show up on “I Love Money” or something. I wonder if 12 Pack and Sinister make it to the final two? For some reason, 12 Pack’s look screams I love boys, more than I love girls. Plus, he has no package.

No worries, I’m sure there will be a season two.

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Jacy Nova

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