This is scary stuff, two American journalists who work for Current TV, have been sentenced to 12 years of hard labor in North Korea. It said Monday the trial confirmed an unspecified “grave crime” against the nation, and of illegally crossing into North Korea.

CBS News Reports:

The journalists – working for former Vice President Al Gore’s California-based Current TV – were arrested March 17 as they were reporting about the trafficking of women. It’s unclear if they strayed into the North or were grabbed by aggressive border guards who crossed into China.

Although the Americans were accused of illegally entering North Korea and unspecified “hostile acts,” Pyongyong has yet to publicly announce the exact charges against them. South Korean legal experts have said a conviction for “hostility” or espionage could mean five to 10 years in a labor camp.

U.S. officials and others working for the reporters’ release have said they’ve received no information about the defendants and even lacked independent confirmation about whether the trial has started. The North has said the proceedings wouldn’t be open to foreign observers, including Swedish officials who act as Washington’s proxy in Pyongyang because the two countries do not have diplomatic ties.

Laura Ling, is the sister of journalist Lisa Ling. Lisa was the former host of “The View”, and she is a special correspondent for the Oprah show. It is reported that Hillary Clinton is working feverishly to have the two women released from a North Korean prison for humitarian reasons. Both girls have been imprisoned since March 2009.

What is even weirder, is Laura Ling had just became editor of the Vanguard at Current TV a couple of weeks before she was arrested in North Korea. Thoughts and prayers go out to the two women and their families. Lets hope they’re released soon.

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