What do inquiring minds want to know about Jillian Harris? Why is she attracted to jerks? I think genetics may have something to do with it. For some reason, girls love bad boys. I guess nice guys are just too boring.

Sasha, one of the boys who got kicked to the curb, said Jillian wasn’t really his type anyway. When asked this morning if Jillian is attracted to jerks, Sasha said, “I think she’s attracted to probably some of the bad boys. ‘Cause Wes, she said he’s a bad boy, and he’s covered in tattoos. Dave‘s got some tattoos as well. But she’s also attracted to guys like Kiptyn and Jake who are like apple-pie all-American guys. I think she’s kind of across the board. It’s almost maybe like she wants to be attracted more to the nice guys, but she finds herself drawn to almost the, I don’t want to say jerks, but the tougher personalities.”

But did Sasha turn out to be the biggest jerk of them all? On his first impression of the Canadian cutie, Sasha told reporters…

“When I first met her, walking out of the limo, I was like, eeesh, you know, not really, I would say, my type out of the gate. She’s a cute girl, but not that attractive up front. Personality was really nice and sweet, but nice and sweet, that only gets you so far.” He also mentions he thinks Ed and Kiptyn have the best chance of winning.

Well, she’s definitely no Deanna or Melissa, but still a cute girl. Of course, it probably seems ridiculous to most guys that you’re competing against 25 guys for a regular girl you can meet any day of the week. Anyhoo, it makes good TV. It sounds like Sasha has a bruised ego.

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Jacy Nova

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