Gotta love Shanna Moakler’s and Travis Barkers on again and off again relationship. I feel sorry for Travis, it always seems like his wife is cheating on him.

One of my favorite blogs, Crazy Days and Nights wrote this hilarious comment.

In one of the closest contests in years, Michael Lohan and Shanna Moakler are vying to see who can contribute the most worthless information to tabloids and yet still earn a living doing it. Earlier this week it looked as if Michael was going to run away with the competition. With Shanna no longer involved with the Miss California USA pageant and having nothing relevant to say about any topic she was desperate. So, she did what she has done so many times before. Much like when Michael pulls a Lindsay quote out of his hat, Shanna decided that she and Travis Barker are back together and told Star all about it for a little pocket money.

That’s right. Just two weeks ago they were done. This was after Travis caught Shanna having sex with another guy. No matter though, now the couple is back together and according to Shanna they are stronger than ever before. I guess that is fancy speak for my boyfriend is out of town shooting a movie and so I might as well be with Travis.

“[We are] 100 per cent together. We are absolutely talking about one day renewing our vows. We love passionately, we fight passionately. That’s just who we are.”

Shanna is a real maneater, she seems to wrap guys around her finger. Of course, she’s a sexy Aries girl, passionate and demanding. I wonder how long this reconcilation will last?

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Jacy Nova

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