The Daisy in Love show  is in full swing and it doesn’t look like she’s going to find love anytime soon. What about London? Does he regret dumping Daisy and leaving the show? Was she really that heartbroken or was it her ego? I mean come on, she’s suppose to be this super sexy siren and most of the guys can’t seem to be bothered. In a new interview, London addresses the rumors of why he really left and if he really did have feelings for Daisy.

Buddy TV Reports:

London recently talked to VH1 about his time on the reality series, explaining what he did and why. Regarding his domestic situation, London admitted that the editing of Daisy of Love didn’t really do justice to what’s really going on.  “The show made it look like I was homeless.  I moved down to Pennsylvania to take care of my dad’s bills and stuff, to help him out financially because he was in a bad spot,” London explained.

Still, his feelings for Daisy weren’t strong enough to make him stay.  Seeing how much it broke her heart though, made him feel a bit sorry for leaving.  “There was a connection between us and watching it made wonder if it was a bad decision to leave.”

While it was difficult, London knew that it was simply reality television which made it a challenge to really be with Daisy.  “When there are cameras in your face, it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not.  Trying to be an artist and everything, people are always trying to tell you you’re not good enough and this and that.”

He continued, “You have to deal with criticism and you need a thick skin to defend yourself and not listen to what people say.  When you’re in a position where you feel like you’ve got the short end of the stick, you’re like, this is where my claws come out.”

Seriously, I think London was on the show to get some air time. He can find a million Daisy’s any day of the week.  I’m sure we will probably see him on I Love Money 3. Plus, rumor is they will start casting for Daisy of Love 2 soon.

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