Another hot mess these days is Carrie Prejean. The skeletons keep flying out the closet. In her anti gay marriage opinion has made her a celebrity overnight. Of course, becoming a celebrity also means all your dirty little secrets get revealed in the media. What’s the latest scoop?

According to the Daily News, Carrie’s mother Francine Coppola, had a lesbian affair withValerie Vetrano of Corona, Calif. According to Star magazine Valerie and Prejean’s mother, “dated,” and the relationship ended shortly before Carrie Prejean was in the Miss USA competition.

“I did date her,” Vetrano, who is openly gay, told “I’m not going to deny it, but I’m not going to say anything else.” Both Coppola and Prejean declined to comment on the ABC story.

Prejean’s parents, whose messy divorce proceedings began in 1996 and lasted nearly a decade, accused each other of having homosexual relationships, according to a series of court documents made public on

This might explain why Carrie is against gay marriage. It’s more a personal issue with her parents drama versus the issue itself. Sounds like our girl needs some counseling. She definitely is a hypocrite.

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