It looks like Jon & Kate have falling prey to the glamor and glitz of Hollywood. How fame can go to a persons head and eventually your marriage suffers. I believe they may be both guilty of the “celebrity disease.”

The good news for TLC is Jon & Kate’s pending break up drama is great for ratings. In fact, the new season attracted over 9.8 million viewers. The bad news, it could mean a trial seperation for the couple. That’s incredibly sad because they have so many kids.

What Did Jon & Kate Say About Their Pending Split?

The episode focused on the sextuplets’ fifth birthday party, but a good deal of it was devoted to tense, one-on-one discussions between an off-camera producer and either Jon or Kate. Without specifically addressing how her husband has been accused of having an affair, the 34-year-old mother of eight spoke candidly about how Jon has “made poor decisions and we have to live with it” and how he “doesn’t remind me of the Jon I used to know.” For his part, Jon, 32, reiterated that he didn’t cheat on his wife and how “people are getting paid off to say whatever they want to say” in the tabloids — a direct reference to the barrage of press coverage about his late-night liaison with Deanna Hummel, 23. Jon also rued the day when his kids would Google him: “Hopefully, they’ll be mature enough to understand it’s all crap.”

Both parents talked about how they were committed to their children, but they wouldn’t address whether a split — either temporary or permanent — was in the cards. “I wish I knew,” said Kate, when asked what the future holds for them, although she did admit that a group picture taken at the sextuplets’ birthday party “could be our last.” “We very swiftly turned into two different people,” Kate told the camera. “It’s difficult.”

I see marriage counseling for the couple might work. The real victims here are the kids. Kate and Jon are both Aries and definitely can be very stubborn. If they can turn the focus back on the marriage, they might be able to find the passion they once had for each other. If they do divorce, I don’t expect that to happen until late 2010.

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Jacy Nova

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