Was it just me, or did Jillian look  a bit wasted at tonight’s rose ceremony. In the latest installment of the Bachelorette, Jillian of course loves bad boy Wes. Sitting on the other end of the remote, I could tell he’s up to no good. My question is did ABC put him there on purpose, or did he decide to go on himself?  Obviously, he’s already got a girlfriend and seems like a total player. For whatever reason, I really really do not like this guy. Bad vibes.

My personal favorite is Jake, the pilot. He seems genuine and sincere. On the other hand, David who received the “first impression” rose seems like a bit of a psycho. Or an angry drunk. They definitely have a bunch of characters on the show this season.

The Examiner Reports:

Jake is a 31-year-old pilot from Texas. When he first meets Jillian, he gives her a gift, her first set of wings. He makes another comment later that night about being the “black sheep” of his family (what does this mean?) before another contender briskly interrupts their moment. From the season teasers, it looks like Jake may have a girlfriend at home while trying to woo Jillian. That’s a serious no-no, but it shouldn’t come out of the woodwork for a few more weeks, giving the two a chance to hop on a plane and get that first kiss out of the way.

If this is true about Jake, my women’s intuition is way off. Maybe it’s because I use to work for the airlines and I love a man in uniform. I felt sorry for Mathue when he got sent home. He definitely was a cutie and I think just too nice for Jillian. That would explain out of 16 guys that are still in the house, at least four have girlfriends. Her man radar is way off. Lets hope she gets in right in the end.

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Jacy Nova

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