What’s the latest news on Bachelor couple Jason and Molly? Well they definitely have been keeping a low profile until now. Last week there were seen at the Caribbean.

E Online Reports:

Jason, Molly and Jason’s son, Ty, are currently at the grand opening of the Italian Village at Beaches Turks  & Caicos resort. Jason and Ty arrived on Wednesday while Molly joined them on Friday (they all leave tomorrow).

“They were on the beach all day Friday building sand castles and making sand angels together,” a source reports. “At dinner on Friday night, Ty and Molly were holding hands as she talked him through the buffet line.”

It’s reported that reality stars who make an “appearance” at the vacation destination are paid a $5000 talent fee. I guess that’s a fun way to pay the bills. Well, it looks like Jason made the best decision for Melissa and him. They look pretty happy.

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Jacy Nova

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